'Black Ink Crew' star Ceaser Emanuel has been fired from the hit VH1 reality show after a video began circulating of him attacking two dogs.

Bradbury, California teenager Hailey Morinico went viral recently based off a wild moment caught on camera that showed her rescuing her service dogs from a real-life Yogi Bear.


American Airlines is banning emotional-support animals in a move that will force most owners to pay extra if they want their pets to travel with them.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A couple who operated an animal rescue face multiple charges after authorities found about 150 dead dogs on property in Missouri and Texas and rescued hundreds more animals that were packed into cages and living in “unimaginable” conditions, law enforcement said. Tiffany and Steven Woodington operated All Accounted For, which […]


For many pet owners their animals are like family to them.

People have really started treating their dogs like their babies and Guy finds it gross. It’s okay to bring your dog for car rides and walks but there are some places that dogs shouldn’t be allowed. There is no reason Guy should see a dog in the grocery store as he’s shopping for apples. Dogs […]

Police in Florida arrested the owner of five dogs that had been so malnourished, they’d started eating one another. Lakeland police arrested 54-year-old Genar Smith and charged him with felony cruelty to animals. According to WFLA, the officer who responded to Smith’s home says he found two dogs chained to the ground, three in a […]


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A dog that survived the catastrophic wildfire in Northern California apparently protected the ruins of his home for almost a month until his owner returned. Madison was there waiting when Andrea Gaylord was allowed back to check on her burned property in Paradise this week. Gaylord fled when the Nov. 8 […]

It has been said that dogs are the smartest type of pet. But a study has proven that dogs aren’t any smarter than any other domesticated animal. The fact that your dog woke you up during an emergency apparently doesn’t mean he’s any smarter than your hamster or your cat. HEAD BACK TO THE BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM […]

Here’s a story that should make you laugh. A woman in Oklahoma City put out a public service announcement after realizing that her dog was playing people to get free McDonald’s food. Betsy Reyes says her dog, Princess, sneaks out at night and sits outside of a nearby McDonald’s, pretending to be a stray. Reyes […]

National News

DALLAS (AP) — Delta Air Lines will soon require owners of service and support animals to provide more information before their animal can fly in the passenger cabin, including an assurance that it’s trained to behave itself. The airline says complaints about animals biting or soiling plane cabins have nearly doubled since 2016. Starting March […]

  WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS WE NEED TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT WHEN IT COMES TO HAVING OUR PETS AROUND AT FAMILY REUNIONS OR SUMMER COOKOUTS? Some concerns would be pets ingesting human food that could be toxic such as grapes, onions, apple seeds or fatty foods that can lead to G.I. disorders such […]