Now we know why former NBA star Scottie Pippen attacked a supposed fan last weekend. Pippen says the man called him the n-word and then spit at him.

As we reported, the incident took place Sunday night outside Nobu, a restaurant. The man was reportedly a drunk and overly aggressive “fan” who had been getting on Pippen’s bad side all evening inside the restaurant where Pippen was having dinner with friends and family.

To illustrate the guy’s aggressiveness, at one point Pippen’s dinner guests went to the bathroom and the man took it upon himself to sit in the guest’s place and continued to bother Pippen with questions. Pippen bit his tongue and politely asked the man to leave.

After the meal, Pippen agreed to take a photo with the man outside the restaurant, but the man continued to be aggressive, demanding an autograph as well. Pippen refused and that’s when the man dropped the n-bomb, shoved the NBA legend, then spat at him, reports TMZ.

Sources close to Pippen say he lost it when the spit landed on his young daughter and Pippen flew into attack mode.

The alleged victim was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to his head, face, and back. Pippen was questioned by authorities, but was not arrested.

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13 thoughts on “Scottie Pippen Beat Man For Calling Him N-Word, Spitting

  1. MoFo on said:

    LOL LiveLetLive
    So lemme get this straight-THAT RACIAL SIT-was what THOSE PEOPLE dealt with back in the 60s.
    Betta think again-young people

  2. SayWhat on said:

    He will probably try to take Scottie to court now. Who knows, that may have been his reason for harassing Scottie.

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