Can’t afford a funeral? Using your backyard could be an alternative. At least it was for San Bernardino woman, Yvonne Winn.

According to NBC4, Winn, 59, buried late husband Thom Winn, 63 in her own backyard, because she couldn’t afford a proper burial.

It was reported that Winn’s husband died last month of natural causes, and she then buried him in a makeshift grave, a hole about 5-feet deep she dug behind their Apple Valley home.

Thomas Winn’s body was later discovered stuffed into two garbage bags.

Neighbors told NBC4 that Yvonne was always working in the yard so it was not hard to believe she dug the makeshift grave site herself.

β€œWhen they pulled the body out, the smell was rancid,” a neighbor told NBC4.

Neighbors are now raising money to give Thomas Winn a proper funeral service, and one local woman has reportedly even donated a tuxedo in which he will be properly buried.

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2 thoughts on “Say What? Woman Too Poor To Afford Funeral, Buries Husbands In Backyard

  1. Where there’s a will there’s a way. If it’s legal that would be a great way to put a dent in the outrageous costs of these shyster funeral homes. I’d do it. The earth is the earth. A hole in a high priced graveyard is not holy ground. Just more expensive ground. What goes in the ground are just the clothes that are worn while we roam the earth. Other than being donated to save other’s lives, it has no value. It’s not important. The important part stays above ground. I see nothing wrong with it. It’s the way it was done for years, until someone thought of a way to profit from the grief of others. Good for her.

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