Paris Jackson is still on the road to recovery.

According to People, the 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson will head to a second treatment center have her time at UCLA Medical Center’s psychiatric facility is complete.

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“Paris will be staying at least another week, and then she’ll be going to a facility for additional care,” a source said of Jackson, who was hospitalized after trying to commit suicide earlier this month.

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Sources say grandmother Katherine and biological mother Debbie Rowe made the decision to move the young teen to a loner-term treatment center.

“This has been so hard for Mrs. Jackson,” the source added. “She keeps saying she’s never had any experience of how to deal with someone in this situation.”

According to reports, the new rehabilitation facility will include school and therapy.

We hope you get well soon, Paris!


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4 thoughts on “Paris Jackson Heads To Longer-Term Treatment Center

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    I want folks to stop acting as though Michael was “normal.” PLEASE, stop it!!! There was something seriously wrong with him. PERIOD.

  2. Debbie on said:

    Good for her. She needs this. All 3 of them probably need this. Michael Jackson screwed these damn kids up with his crazy ass mind. They need to be deprogrammed and they need to know where they have come from.

    • You speak as if you personally knew Michael Jackson and his kids. Or like judgemental others, you are going off what you have heard 3rd hand or read. I hate when people make comments about someone’s personal life but do not know actual details. I think we really need to stop getting unproven information and judging before the actual facts are known. Sound like another Wendy WIlliiams that has made a career off of half – truths and spreading made up gossip.

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