Janet Jackson may not technically be a billionaire but the fact is that she’s loaded and has managed to do pretty well for herself over the years.

Because of this, the Jackson brothers have turned to her as their new form of income since their initial source, The Michael Jackson Bank, went under new management.

The National Enquirer reported that Janet is tired of fronting the cost for the brothers foreclosures, tax liens, and back child support. The fact that she married a billionaire on top of having her own money isn’t an open invitation to the boys. That’s still her money.

The tabloid claims:

“Janet has been very generous whenever one of her family came to her for a handout,” a source told Enquirer.

“But it seemed like the money she gave them was never enough, and it was only a matter of time be­fore Janet felt like she was being taken advantage of. Eventually, Janet had to change her phone number so that her mom, Katherine, was the only family member with direct ac­cess to her. But now Janet’s brothers try to get to her through their mom!”

Janet revealed her secret marriage back in February to Wissam Al Mana. The Middle East business tycoon is nine years younger than her.

“He wants Janet to cut off her family and he supports her deci­sion one hundred percent,” says the insider. Of Janet’s siblings, her five brothers – Jackie, 62, Tito, 59, Jermaine, 58, Marlon, 56, and Randy, 51 – are the most demanding, a source says.

“They’ve asked Ja­net to help them with everything from late child-support payments to home foreclosures and tax liens,” the source said. “But now she’s drawn a line and let them know enough is enough.”

On the other hand, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, could possibly win $40 billion in the wrongful death suit against concert promoter AEG Live. She accused the company of not properly investigating and supervising the physician hired to take care of Michael in conjunction with the singer’s ill-fated “This Is It” comeback tour.

“If Katherine collects just a small portion of that claim against AEG, there’s no doubt her sons will be lined up at her doorstep with their hands out,” the source says. “But the good news is a windfall for Kath­erine will take some of the pressure off of Janet!”

10 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Looking to Cut Brothers Off Financially

    • Iris Sanders on said:

      What kind of jobs would they do? All their childhood and adulthood all they have ever done was entertain. They don’t have any other skills, their father saw to that. If they need financial help the richest sibling should help them out. Their mother helps them with her money she gets from Michael’s estate. That’s whats wrong with black folks saying “its handouts”. Other cultures do it all the time and you don’t hear one word from them calling helping out family members “handouts”.

  1. Stephanie on said:

    Why would anyone care about money matters with the Jacksons. It is their family, therefore, it is their business! Besides, they are more accomplished than most people who write or have negative comments to make would ever live to
    see or tell about! People in other races and cultures live, depend and support one another everyday and it is not viewed as a big deal! Why should the Jacksons be any different. Whatever Janet’s decision is, SO WHAT!! To the writer’s of this published article, GET YOU A LIFE!!

  2. Sorry but I am not buying anything a tabloid paper is saying. ALso, these same papers were the same papers who degraded Michael and made his life bad, now they want to act like they are MJ’s keeper. Give me a break. Looks like they want to find another Jackson to punch on. WHo cares if Janet gives them money or not, I have siblings and I help them; and if I think they are not doing well with their money, I put my siblings in check. Bottom line, It is MY family business, NOT the public. I find it funny that no one tells Lisa Marie Presley not to help her brother out who was NOT Elvis and Priscilla was DIVORCED from Elvis and still spending Elvis money.

  3. Deborah M on said:

    With no real education and no pursuit of it in any of these Jackson males, it’s no wonder they’re lined up for help. I always felt that these brothers and sisters could have benefited from some of the finest education at Moorehouse, Fisk, Tuskegee and Spelman. Would have been the best advertisement for the music program to have the Jacksons on the marching bands and part of or heading the music departments or whatever they chose. It always bugged me that they didn’t pursue further education. Imagine Dr. Randy Jackson teaching your music class! LaToya would have no problem pursuing her legal degree in entertainment law at say Howard U!

  4. Hamilton on said:

    I think its so sad that these Jackson cant stick togather and help each other out,,its a different world its only money which she has a lot of,,,and being black it…a black woman that has made it without looking back,,,,shows that family is not first,,,,,

    • Debbie on said:

      Stick together and help out? Her brothers have not had jobs since the late 1980’s. They have had houses, wives, & kids but no jobs. How the hell do you expect her to keep helping them out?

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