SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Celebrity cook Paula Deen says she has used racial slurs in the past but insists she and her brother, who are accused of racial and sexual discrimination in a lawsuit by a former manager of their restaurant, don’t tolerate hateful behavior.

In a court deposition filed Monday in federal court, an attorney for former restaurant manager Lisa Jackson presses the 66-year-old Deen about her racial views and those of her brother, Bubba Hiers. Deen is asked if she’s ever used “the N-word.” She responds: “Yes, of course.”

Deen says she likely used the slur in the 1980s after a black man held her at gunpoint at the Georgia bank where she worked.

Deen insists she and her brother object to slurs being used in “any cruel or mean behavior.”

(Photo: AP)

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13 thoughts on “Paula Deen Says She Used Slur But Doesn’t Tolerate Hate

    • on said:

      I just can’t figure out how you stop tolerating poor behavior, when you obviously can’t determine your own poor behavior! It would seem difficult to curtail harassment of any kind when you yourself are part of said harassment!

  1. vjsim4 on said:

    This is old news….Paula Deen is a known racist. Oprah actually put her on the map by gving her publicity on her show.

  2. J Williams on said:

    Why would you only mention the racial slurs? She also said she wanted to have black men serve her at an event, as though they were slaves!!! Black American Web, please bring all of the information!!

  3. TinaB on said:

    The fact that she felt comfortable saying “Yes, of course” when she was asked if she ever used the N word! The of course makes it seem like she thinks its okay and ordinary to use this term!!!! I think it all goes with the fact that there are some black people call each other the N word freely all the time. To me, this makes people of other races become too comfortable with saying it. We have to stop it within our race first!!! Self-respect is the beginning.

  4. Bubba on said:

    NAZI & RACE HATER: As a Jew can detect a Nazi without the Nazi uniform, I can EASILY detect Paula Deen is a HATER of BLACK PEOPLE without her wearing the hood.

  5. Serpentine on said:

    I guess she feels she can call you a n*gger as a term of endearment and as long as the person saying it, is not being mean or cruel.

  6. joey on said:

    Yes she is still using it, IT just amaze’s me, that they are the ones’ who Created it,,

    Racial Slurs are just part of everyone’s day,, they really don’t understand what effect it will have on our children. the Next Generation.

    I do not watch her show anyway!

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