UPDATE:  We’ve had to extend the voting on this one as three songs are currently TIED for the top spot. So we still need your input. VOTE and we’ll announce the results on Monday, June 24!!!

If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience it, love is a beautiful thing. And so are love songs. They are the songs that make the love feel even better, the songs that are sung at weddings and the songs that make people make babies together. There are a group of these songs that have stood the test of time and stand out as classics of the genre. Even if you’re too young to remember them when they first came out, they still resonate even 20 or more years later. They are the classic love songs that make your momma and daddy or auntie and uncle stare at each other with soft eyes, or if you’re the auntie or mommy, make you remember what you saw in that guy with the big gut that’s currently hogging the remote.

A great love song has to be the kind of song that makes you stop in your tracks when it comes on and for just a moment, whether it’s your personal romantic song or not, make you feel what that writer was feeling and what that singer was expressing. Interestingly enough, the younger generation has yet to make quite that enduring a song and men, unemotional creatures though they can seem to be, have a majority of the classics on this list. The only thing we excluded was duets, at least for this poll, and songs that were primarily about sex or heartbreak.(Yes, we know “Sweet Thing” is borderline, but Chaka’s straight out love ballad “Everlasting Love” is the lesser known of the two songs, so we went with the one that has been more of a part of the cultural landscape.)

Out of these great love songs, which gets your vote as the best all-time? Hit the poll and let us know.

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18 thoughts on “We Want Your Vote: What is the Greatest R&B Love Song Of All Time?

  1. How about “For The Love Of You” and “Float On” by the Isley Brothers? “A House Is Not A Home” by Luther. “Your Body’s Calling Me” R. Kelly,”You know Know How To Make Me Feel So Good” by Teddy Pendergrass & Sharon Paige is great as well. There are so many to choose from. And Marvin Gaye? Don’t even get me started….

  2. Greg285 on said:

    Any list that doesn’t include any song by Marvin Gaye is invalid!!! No ‘Let’s Get it On’ or Teddy P’s ‘Turn Off The Lights’ ??? C’Mon Son!!!!!!

  3. dottie on said:


  4. BigC on said:

    This list is a joke. No “Fire and Desire”, “Cause I Love You”, “I’d Rather Be With You” (either the Mtume version or the Bootsy version will do)???

    Nothing from Vanilla Child (Teena), Delfonics, Whispers, Niecy Williams, AWB, Dells, Enchantment, Spinners, or the Commodores???

    Y’all need to go back to the drawing board with this list.

    • dottie on said:

      yeah BigC!! i’m with ya!! no whispers? no Marvin Gaye, and No Barry White??? Come on!!!! and if they really wanted to take it back to the old school, how about “Love Jones” from Brighter Side of Darkness, “Love of Your Own” by AWB, and…..SMOKEY!!!!!! WHERE IS SMOKEY???? “OOOH BABY, BABY?’ oh yess!! my gurl Teena Marie, “DEAR LOVER” AND “IF I WERE A BELL”

  5. Phillip on said:

    Hands down………Adore.

    Can’t touch it if you tried. Prince laid it down with that one. A man telling a woman how he feels and how much she means to him. Music is missing that kind of emotion these days. It’s all bling, money and sex…….but little substance.

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