Jeff Johnson calling in from South Africa talks with the TJMS about the ailing condition of former South African President Nelson Mandela and his legacy.

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3 thoughts on “Jeff Johnson’s Message to the World About Nelson Mandela

  1. Rity on said:

    The US is one of the richest nation so no one her should be hungry. I was taught to give where it’s needed the most. Don’t go knocking folks who are trying to help, even if is all the way in Africa.

  2. Valerie S on said:

    Why are you and all those other people (celebrities) in South Africa? When our kids need you here in the United States. Not impressed. You and the other celebs like Lamman Rucker, et al…. (and the others) are just in South Africa because you can go. You’re not that concern about being in the trenches and helping young people. If you were, you would stay in the USA and work with these young men and wome in black America who have no hope. South Africa can take care of South Africa, they don’t need you..

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, it is all well and good to help other countries but our black communities are in dire staits just heard Oprah gave millions to the South African museum there are starving people here in the United States that could benefit from her genoristy it doesn’t matter if they are black or white help you house before you straighten anothers

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