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In broad daylight, rapper 2 Chainz was robbed on Sunday in San Francisco.

On top of that, according to police, the ATL based rapper’s crew took off “like cockroaches.”

SFPD tells TMZ that they responded to a shots-fired call just after 4:30pm and when they arrived, 2 Chainz didn’t want to cooperate with them. He said he wanted to handle it himself.

Chainz told police his wallet was stolen and that’s all that happened.

According to police, surveillance video showed that 2 Chainz was obviously the intended target.

Supposedly the video also shows that the rapper and his 14 person entourage all “ran away from the incident like cockroaches running from a flashlight.”

By the way, when his Twitter followers asked if had been shot, 2 Chainz never responded to the questions.

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