OMG! Insider Kevin Frazier gives us the scoop on Kelly Rowland‘s “Dirty Laundry.”

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2 thoughts on “‘[Kelly Rowland] I Was Jealous of Beyonce’- KEVIN FRAZIER

  1. joey on said:

    kelly has no need to be jealous of beyonce. its just that was the way her father and her where planning for her to go solo, right in front of there faces.

    Destiny child had a good run. but I think Matthew knowles pushed for his daughter to go solo,,
    and just didn’t really pay any more attention to the girls,,

    he knew and she knew she was going solo. for a long time… I have always thought kelly was more talented then bey!!

  2. joey on said:

    I have always loved kelly specially when she was in destiny child that girl can dance her butt off,
    she was the one that had more talent then bey or michelle,, if you watch that bootylicious video kelly is Badd as hell in that video,,

    Keep your head up ,, kelly everything will be okay.

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