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An unnammed woman claims “CSI” star  assaulted her at his Encino home Saturday.

The woman called the cops and when they arrived, Shemar Moore and the woman each accused the other of pushing and shoving. And as you can imagine, the words “drinking was involved” was part of the police report.

A source told TMZ: “the woman was in Shemar’s backyard with a number of people when someone, not Shemar, pushed her in the pool. We’re told she got very upset and tried to come inside the house, soaking wet. She was asked to wait until someone could get her some towels.”

Later, Moore came to the door with towels, but the woman became even more irate and she was asked to leave. One of them started the pushing, and she called LAPD.

When the cops arrived, both the actor and the woman insisted on having the other arrested. But since there was no evidence of injury to either, the police decided to let the two of them work it out.

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