Okay, sometimes it’s nice just to let go of trying to be cool all the time. There is something freeing about being goofy and laughing with your friends that makes us all reminisce over being kids again. Somewhere, someone, must have told adults that they can’t  let go of their inhibitions and allow themselves to just have fun anymore. That person could not have been more wrong!

Take this clip from Britain’s Graham Norton Show for example! If this doesn’t take you back, and make you remember those good old days then we don’t know what to tell you! Will Smith AKA The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff were the delicate balance needed for Hip Hop back in the day. It’s refreshing to see them reunited and having fun in front of a crowd that could not have been more excited to see them!

Check it out!

Alright! Now if you didn’t want to get up and do the dances with them…then we want you to watch it again! Alfonso still has it! And believe us when we say, we were up and moving over here! Thanks fellas for a much needed trip down memory lane!

Oh, and since this is the unofficial start to summer, let’s get it going right with the Hip Hop start to the summer season!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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