“Education is our right! That is why we have to fight!”

Those were the chants started by 9-year-old Asean Johnson of Chicago who was upset that a whopping 50 schools are going to be shut down. Young Johnson, who attends Marcus Garvey Elementary School, goes in on Rahm Emmanuel for his lack of support, according to Smoking Section. “Rahm Emmanuel does not care about our schools. He does not care about our safety.”

“Don’t do this to me. You know what happens to kids in this city. I need this.”

I’m not sure it will ever make sense to close schools, especially in a major city like Chicago, versus attempting to make them better. And what Asean Johnson said in the video was pretty spot on. As if enough isn’t happening in Chicago already with the rampant gun violence, I’m sure school closures will only add to the mess the city is in.

From NewsOne about the Chicago schooling crisis:

The vast majority of the 54 schools are in overwhelmingly Black neighborhoods that have lost residents in recent years. Chicago’s Black population dropped 17 percent in the last census as African Americans moved out to the suburbs and elsewhere. The other few schools are majority Hispanic or mixed Black and Hispanic. Overall, 91 percent of Chicago public school students are minorities.

What did you think of his video?

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