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Tito Jackson‘s son Taj, revealed via Twitter that he had been molested as a child by a relative on his mother’s side.

He also cited his uncle Michael Jackson as the person who supported and consoled him through the incident, he wrote, “My uncle was a support system for me and my mom. He wrote a letter to her that many have seen already, u just didn’t know what it was about.”

Taj began tweeting about his molestation to counter Wade Robson‘s claims against his uncle, tweeting, “That is how I KNOW Wade is lying. Because I AM a survivor.”

Adding, “I was sexually abuse. By an uncle on my mom’s side of the family when I was a kid.”

He also used twitter to blast Robson for the allegations, writing, “I will not sit back and let someone flat out lie about my uncle. PERIOD,” followed by, “What people will $ay and do for money and to $tay relevant is $ickening. De$perate times call for De$perate mea$ures. #Money.”

He ended, his damning tweets, writing:

“I hate that Wade made me do this, this way. But since my uncle Michael is no longer here to defend himself. I will. Make no mistake. Since my uncle Michael is no longer here to defend himself. I WILL. Even if that means friendships.”

7 thoughts on “Taj Jackson: I Was Molested as a Child, and Michael Helped Me Cope

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    I want people to stop acting as though because MJ was a musical genius that he in know way could have been a pedophile. He had ALL of the characteristics. His behavior and relationships with children were completely inappropriate and abnormal for a grown man. You people have no clue. There are women who were abused by their fathers and will take their children are the same man. So, it is not so UNBELIEVABLE that this guy was molested by MJ. Most men DO NOT TELL WHEN THEY ARE MOLESTED BY A MALE. THEY DO NOT TELL!!! You people act as though you knew this man personally. As I type this, there is some upstanding citizen in the community, who is a father, a doctor, a lawyer, a police officer, a teacher, a preacher, who will molest their child tonight.

  2. Amber3 on said:

    Tom and J Anothy, why did yo call the Jackson crazy? They are no more crazy than any other family including yours,J, or mine. We all have issues in our familes. the only difference with the Jackson is that they have money and fame and golddiggers going after them whereas no one is coming after our “broke” bank accounts. and that Wade guy is clearing a liar. Praising a man for years and all of a sudden you think the abuse you. Give me a break. Tom and J do not be that stupid.

  3. Amber3 on said:

    Thank you Taj. MJ is being mistreated now and it makes me angry. People who are abuse even if they keep it secret DO NOT go around PRAISING that person as child, in his teens, in his twenties, and at 30. Wade is asking for money in a creditor claim. Shame.

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