Soledad O’Brien has received at lot of criticism over the years for her CNN “Black In America” series, and she finally responding back to naysayers.

During a talk at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the journalist revealed that White Americans have taken the most offense to her documentaries.

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“People would sometimes, when I give speeches, stand up and say, ‘You know, I think your black-America documentaries [are] divisive. I think … we shouldn’t think of ourselves as African American. We’re Americans, and everybody should stop separating themselves out,’” she said.

She went on to say “it’s only white people who ever said that.”

“White people really have a luxury in that they get a range of stories, that they’re not defined by five stories,” she explained. “So I think that the difference with ‘Black in America’ was the filter did matter. That there are only going to be five stories and we want to know exactly who you are and what your credentials are to be telling our story.”

“I was like, again, ‘OK, white person, this is a conversation you clearly are uncomfortable with, and I have no problem seeing race, and I think we should talk about race.”

Check out the full footage below and tell us if you agree or disagree with Soledad’s stance.

3 thoughts on “Soledad O’Brien Responds To White Critics Over Her ‘Black In America’ Series

  1. I thoroughly enjoys Soledad O’Brien work , she was to out-spoken and did not let any politician Dem., Rep., or Ind., slide under her questions and that is the sole reason CNN got rid of her.

  2. Hazel Wilson on said:

    I loved every one of Soledad documentaries. She one of the few great journalist in my opinion. I pray that she will always have a platform to tell the truth. Thank you Soledad!!!

  3. 06050412 on said:

    I truly love Soledad’s work. I see her as positive, strong and last but not least. brave. She is no coward when it comes to peeling back the layers and getting down into places some folks don’t like to visit. It causes discomfort, but that’s because hiding a problem doesn’t solve it. It opens up wounds that won’t heal, but have been scabbed over. We need to go deep down into these wounds and expose the poison that prevents them from healing, clean them out with the ointment of TLC treatment. We have to open up and talk about what’s deep down inside. Soledad has a way of doing that and I admire her for that.

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