Mr. Down For Whatever



Saucony Kinvara 3

For many runners looking for love today, less is definitely more. I mean who doesn’t love an easygoing non-restricting pair? However low arch having sisters beware. Mr. Down For Whatever lacks in the cushioning department. So if you need a significant amount of support or cushioning you may be disappointed in this relationship. But if you can stand on your own two feet without rolling in or out (as in pronation) then you are in for some freeing true love. Want to build up to Mr. DFW? Improve your stride  and focus on a mid-foot or forefoot strike when running. Your welcome.

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One thought on “Finding Your Sole Mate: The Ultimate Running Shoe Guide

  1. haha…. The first thing that strike my mind after reading this title was that this blog is a metremonial blog…. But I guess it has nothing to do with it.. LOL

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