Dominique talks with the crew about the rabid racism that was in the film “42” which is based on the life of baseball player Jackie Robinson.

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One thought on “Dominique on the Racism in ’42’

  1. Did anyone else find it ironic that on the same show discussing the ugly racism against the first black man to cross the color barrier in the Major Leagues and what he had to go through there was a discussion of the first openly gay male athlete in a major sport but no understanding of what gays (our brothers and sisters) go through?

    We all remember how bad racism was but we don’t seem to remember WHY it was so bad and why white people felt about us the way they did.

    Yes. They DID think being black was a sin. (They believed that when Noah cursed his son Ham he “turned black” and marked Ham and his offspring to be the rightful slaves of other races.)

    Yes. They DID argue that nobody would want to be in the same locker room with Mr. Robinson or touch him during play because the general, widespread belief was that blacks were both sexually immoral and unhygenic.

    And, yes. They DID couch a lot of their racism in jokes.

    Because at the end of the day they didn’t have any basic human empathy for Mr. Robinson or anybody who looked like Mr. Robinson and what they were going through.

    Just something to think about from a black history teacher.

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