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Cleveland Browns linebacker Quentin Groves was arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute after being caught in a police sting at a local hotel on April 17.

According to the police report, Groves had agreed upon a price during a phone call before the meeting the escort, who was really an undercover police officer from Beachwood.

“He made arrangements for certain acts … and requested ‘full service’ and stated he would bring condoms,” the police report stated. “He agreed to one hour of time for [$100] and was told that anal would be an additional [$20],” the report continued.

He arrived at room 231 of the Homestead Guest Studios in Orange Village at about 10:28 p.m., the document stated. He knocked on the door and was immediately taken into custody without incident.

A box of condoms and $195.70 in cash were taken as evidence. Groves is due in on May 10.

“We are aware of the situation and do not have any further comment,” Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis told The Huffington Post regarding Groves’ solicitation arrest.

Groves, who signed a two-year $2.8 million contract with the Browns just last month, joined the team for their first minicamp of the 2013 season last week, according to ESPN. The 28-year-old Mississippi native was arrested while in town for the training, the outlet notes.

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5 thoughts on “NFL Player Nabbed in Prostitution Sting

  1. The idiots and dumb asses is the law! They are two consenting adults and this is a waste of law enforcement time. Technically at some point in our lives we have all paid for intimacy. Next time Quentin just wait for the prostitute to show up at the games like the rest of the guys do. Just an FYI though call them groupies and you’re all good.

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