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Fans of Lauryn Hill have been waiting for some new music for years and due to her tax troubles, it might be coming sooner than expected.

According to reports, Hill signed a new five-song, $1 million deal with Sony Music that will keep her out of jail.

Hill owes the IRS over $500k in backed taxes.

She has until May 6 to pay off the tab, this new deal should cover that large debt and keep the mother of six out of prison.

Most fans are hoping Ms. Hill comes back with more of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and less of the “Unplugged” stuff.

IRS Hit List of Celebrity Tax Evaders
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8 thoughts on “Lauryn Hill Signs a Five-Song, $1 Million Deal with Sony to Avoid Prison

  1. I meant to say peace and love and joy in your hearts to everyone. GOD BLESS!. let there be peace in your hearts and do not listen to everything on Television its an Ignorant box, anyway. don’t believe everything you hear. its all to get you to keep watching. I don’t believe anything these people say. or how they feed off of GOSSIP. THere is death and life in the power of therTongue. Pay attention.

  2. I was very dissapointed in Wendy williams on how she talked about Lauryn, on her show talking about you have a 150 Kids ,, What planet do you live on… and how she thinks lauryn landlord says she has not paid her rent on her mansion. which lauryn hill denies, I really think wendy goes hard on certain people, she has NO class, They took MO’NIQUE off the air to keep the GOSSIP SHOW on,,
    This is what the TV station wants ,, to Listen to GOSSIP, which some of it, proberly is not true. and where does wendy get off talking about her children. and making statements. about how she does not pay her mortgage. WOW DIDN’t know wendy knew Lauryn hill Personally ,,, Its just a GOSSIP show and GOSSIP sometimes can get people really hurt. Its Dangerous and Wicked. That is why they keep GOSSIP shows on. because people feed off of other people’s mis-fortunes. Its really sad, but its all in the BIBLE!. bottom line wendy with her wicked show will soon be withered away like grass. TRUST ANd believe),, Peace and love and joy in your heats. everyone. GOD BLESS,,,

  3. Samantha Davis on said:

    Actually the “unplugged” stuff was awesome. Yes it was heavy subject matter but it was great all the same and any of her genuine fans know that….smh

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