The parents of Trayvon Martin have settled in a wrongful-death suit against the homeowners association of the Sanford, Fla. gated community where neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, gunned down the teen.

Rumors say the settlement is more than $1M, but the amount has been redacted on public documents, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s parents, filed suit against the Retreat at Twin Lakes subdivision in August last year.

Neighborhood watch guidelines instructed residents to first alert the police of any suspicious activities and then the captain, George Zimmerman.

When Zimmerman contacted police about what he thought was suspicious activity, he was instructed by the dispatcher to stay in doors. However, Trayvon’s parents claim he stalked their son and eventually open fire.

17 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Parents Settle in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

  1. to people like pat,eagle2578,and other,need to wake up and smell the real world,these parent got a dead son,and all you can be is negative and a racist,u’ need to get some love n your heart.//////////////

    • No, people like Pat come on websites to post comments that they think will get a charge while he/she sit home in front of a computer and talk noise. Take his/her comment with a grain of salt. Pat sound like someone who could be someone with a white hood on their head.

  2. I hope these folks gave their dead sons money to charity. If they spend one cent on enriching themselves they are a disgrace to their sons memory. I also think GZ is completely innocent.

    • You sound stupid. You think Zimmerman is innocent YET you want the Martins to give their money to charity? give me a break. WHy give it to charity to where officers in the charity will take it and spend it on themselves. That is the Martins money. NO one else. They are at a lost (and that is not enuf money), NOT the folks at a charity.

    • Thug or not THUG, That does NOT justify killing Trayvon. You want degrade someone who you think is a thug YEt you want to defend Zimmerman who is a KILLER.

      • Hey Beth, if you just NEED to call someone a Thug then why not the murderers, Cut throats and Thieves who came to this land almost 500 years ago and tricked, killed and raped the people of this land. These folks were almost wiped off the face of the earth. Were they thugs to Beth? I understand why folks like you never show their faces on here. I wouldn’t want to put my face to these stupid ass comments either. At least you have a tiny bit of brains in your head. But we can all see that there is an invisible white sheet over your head…

  3. yasetshego on said:

    I feel really sorry for these people. No amount of money will soothe their pain, nor bring their son back. And if Zimmerman is acquitted, it will be a big f*** you to them and their loss, and the Black community, as a whole.

    • joey on said:

      yes your right God will do it, but we have to wait, its all about politics and media hype and people are actually getting off on this young man’s death. I look at his parents faces, they just look like there lives and hearts have been, shaken to where you wouldnt think they would come back from this.
      our system is not to protect our children, it is designed to fail our kids. and justice is not being done anymore or anywhere. But GOD is GOOD all the time, and he will be there right on time. thanks for your support and wonderful words,, love and peace in your heart and your family.. GOD bless Ya!

  4. joey on said:

    I’m still upset about this young man’s death and the other teen recently who was killed, and 1 million dollars is still not enough. its not about money, but hell they deserve something for the emotional tragic death of there son. when zimmerman was told not to follow this young man, he dis-regarded what that officer said over the phone. why? did he take upon his-self to go chase this young man down. they can just kill our kids and get away with it, when is this man going to do his time, that is what I wanna know.

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