Over the years, Steve Harvey’s empire has grown to include comedy, radio, movies, game show hosting and daytime TV. And as the comedian continues to make strides in his career, he says he doesn’t plan on let anything stop him — not even “racist Hollywood.”

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, “The Steve Harvey Show” host said he’s learned through the nearly 20 years of his career that “Hollywood is very racist.”

“Hollywood is more racist than America is. They put things on TV that they think the masses will like,” he said. “Well, the masses have changed. The election of President Obama should prove that. And television should look entirely different. Kerry Washington should not be the first African American female to head up a drama series in 40 years. In 40 years! That’s crazy.”

With his experience in the industry, Harvey said he’s learned to navigate Hollywood by creating multidimensional projects that don’t focus on race, or particularly African Americans.

Judging by his longevity, looks like his plan has been successful.

What do you think of Steve Harvey’s statement? Do you think Hollywood is racist?

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13 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Says He’s Moving Forward Despite “Racist Hollywood”

  1. Jacqueline Perry on said:

    He is right and not afraid to shout it out.what make folk think racis is gone.it has never left, you dont see its face so much today its hidden by technology.it has really shown its face as soon as the economy start to take a down turn and whites started to experience what blacks have always felt and they dont like it, and they started to get even closer to make life better for themselves.steve speaking is great, hes doing what so many successful blacks are afraid to do,cause they dont eanna hurt white folks by saying, but its the truth, steve wants to be sat free, and he knows the truth will sat him free. Horay for steve, he is a good guy.

  2. Sexy Leroy on said:

    …then do something about it. If we have all this blackpower…do something. Make your own movies..oh we do that (Tyler Perry and Spike Lee junk that tells the same ol’ story…) Hollywood spends money on thing that folks with money (or the majority of it) want to see. Who does not understand that?? It ain’t about race fools its about the money!!!!!! That why Tiger Woods, Serena Williams and any other black athlete can mingle…

  3. Rachel2 BlackSons on said:

    Yes Hollywood is racist by design. The powers that be listen to old money and old money likes white. The new shows. 2013 shows, still perpetuate typical racist stereotypes – Hispanic maids that are oversexed, blacks that are drivers or butlers or buffoons, black women that are maids or side stories to the white primary. yes the Olivia Pope character is strong, but she is not the norm but the exception. Now let us sit and watch if Hollywood will see how well received the character is and if they try to open those doors and change stereotypes based on the obscene popularity of this show. I doubt it- at the Emmy’s the only one to get an award was a white temporary walk-in on the show. Don’t get me wrong – yes he was good – the ONLY award. RECOUNT.

  4. It’s not so much racist as underimaginitive and undertalented. I guess Hollywood is racist in the broad sense of being pre-occupied with race or ethnicity even where it isn’t relevant, but it is not anti-minority, Often it’s obseqiously pro-minority. Hollywood sells pabulum to the masses. It deals in caricatures and broad pandering political statements. Most Hollywood characters are poorly developed and superficial – and therefore artisticially worthless. To the degree that superficiality involves pandering to racial stereotypes or to underdeveloped rejections of racial stereotypes, I guess you could call it racist. But mostly it’s just bad.

  5. That’s like Houston Texas being without a Country station. Regular workshops ensure that the staff at PVM Radio subdivision is not only up to date with the latest technological innovations, but also ensures that the customers from diverse backgrounds are offered the best possible services to suit their tastes. There are many websites that bring to people radio channels for their personal entertainment.

  6. I don’t live and play in Hollywood to be able to answer the “Dumb” question. Now does Hollywood need to change, Yes it does based upon jus twhat Steve Harvey said..bottom line. Don’t ask us, ask the people who live and “Work” there!

  7. anass on said:

    Hollywood is extremely racist!! You notice how they try to portray themselves as so liberal and in love with the first black President. What a bunch of malarky!! Just look at what Sean Penn’s son said and did a couple of weeks ago to that black photographer. One can only look at Hollywood’s “track record” and see that their color television looks rather white.

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  10. Yes, Hollywood is very racist, I’ve been screaming this for a long time. I refuse to watch the current tv shows. I watch just a selected few, namely Rev Al, Scandel, BET, Lifetime and the news. We must stick together and stop watching their junk. Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

  11. MoFo on said:

    Ahhh lemme see;

    *When we see brothas on all of these commercials they’re portrayed as bummeling idiots
    *The only way we see sistas in these reality shows is as warriors fighting over nothing
    *Guess who is certain to get killed in most movies when a brotha is in the movie


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