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Everyone knows the connection between socialite Kim Kardashian and Brandy’s younger brother, singer Ray J. Before rapper Kanye West, before NFL player Reggie Bush and NBA player Kris Humphries was Ray J. Their infamous sex tape put Kardashian in the spotlight and Ray J wants to remind folks of this tidbit of history.

Listen below to Ray J’s new song, “I Hit It First”. (WARNING: The song contains lyrics some might find offensive.)

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(Photos: Retna, AP)

5 thoughts on “LISTEN: Ray J Mocks Kim Kardashian in New Track, ‘I Hit It First’

  1. Kim is the one that opened the door for Ray J and Kris to piss in her wheaties whenever they get ready. She is married to one man and pregnant by another man. I hope that she is not expecting respect at this point. Maybe she should have split the profits with him concerning that sex tape. Maybe she shouldn’t have never married Kris, because she never gave a damn about him. Sorry Kim, but Karma is a bitch.

  2. I’m not a fan of Kim K, but Ray J really need to move on. He’s coming across as pathetic. It seems like he haven’t gotton over Kim or he’s jealous of her fame. Ray J, your plan didn’t work. She landed on her feet and moved on with her life. While you on the other hand keep living in a moment in time. Instead of recording a song, you should seek professional help to find out why you can’t get past the relationship you had with this woman. It’s obvious that you are hurting.

  3. This young man is surely know gentleman, just another street thug who wants to talk about his conquest, and ride off the fame of someone else, because he has none of his own.

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