This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Breaking news:  North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has threatened the United States with an all-out nuclear attack that he says will be merciless.  President Obama, now is the time to send Dennis Rodman back to North Korean, mm-hmm, strapped to the tip of a missile.  That’s called two for one.

 Lamar Odom is smack in the middle of a charity scandal, Lamar, also known as the tallest Kardashian, claims that his charity foundation donated over a million dollars to a youth AAU program.  But the AAU directors says they never got one penny from Lamar.  So if that’s true that would mean Lamar took the millions and never produced.  I know you Dallas Mavericks fans are saying I know that’s right.

A woman living in the suburbs of Detroit is officially the oldest living U.S. citizen.  Jeralean Talley is 113 years old.  And she’s lived a blessed life.  Born in 1899 Jeralean can remember when she bought her house outside of Detroit for $700.  She should’ve waited till this year and bought that house in Detroit for $600.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Send Dennis Rodman back to North Korea… on a Missile MORNING MINUTE

  1. ElectDemocraticJustice on said:

    People in the press haven’t covered the ideology of this type of person enough. Is it true we live in a democratic society? Is willpower (or lack of) the reason our governments are unable to solve issues?

    How many unelected people from national defence have even put an idea into motion? Dennis Rodman, we are democratic, could you see yourself in a government that puts tax dollars into action rather than into studing the “what if” scenarios? Do we need to pay volunteers and fire the “what if” people?

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