This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

Breaking news:  North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has threatened the United States with an all-out nuclear attack that he says will be merciless.  President Obama, now is the time to send Dennis Rodman back to North Korean, mm-hmm, strapped to the tip of a missile.  That’s called two for one.

 Lamar Odom is smack in the middle of a charity scandal, Lamar, also known as the tallest Kardashian, claims that his charity foundation donated over a million dollars to a youth AAU program.  But the AAU directors says they never got one penny from Lamar.  So if that’s true that would mean Lamar took the millions and never produced.  I know you Dallas Mavericks fans are saying I know that’s right.

A woman living in the suburbs of Detroit is officially the oldest living U.S. citizen.  Jeralean Talley is 113 years old.  And she’s lived a blessed life.  Born in 1899 Jeralean can remember when she bought her house outside of Detroit for $700.  She should’ve waited till this year and bought that house in Detroit for $600.

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