What’s shaping up as a nasty divorce war between Porsha & Kordell Stewart took another turn.

Now Porsha is responding to Kordell, who filed for divorce proceedings first. In court documents, the “RHOA” star is requesting alimony and additional relief. She’s also requesting that she keep the house that she and Kordell shared with his son, Syre.

Additionally, the document goes on to explain that Porsha has not worked for two years and that she sold her business to focus on caring for Syre, setting her earning capacity back “significantly.”

As we reported earlier, Porsha said she was caught off guard by Kordell’s seemingly out of nowhere divorce filing.

“Mrs. Stewart is disappointed about her husband’s recent filing for divorce,” read a statement released on her behalf Monday. “Mrs. Stewart had held off on filing for a divorce herself and remained committed to the marriage because Mr. Stewart promised to work on the marriage with her. Instead, he misled her and she found out about the filing in the media.”

6 thoughts on “Porsha Responds to Kordell; She Files Request for Alimony and More

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    She’s an airhead or just plain dumb and stupid. She’s also mean, jealous, two faced, malicious and riding on his coat tail. She knew he was the way he is before she married him, probably thought she could change him. Cordell is a smart man found out she’s not up to his standard so like she told Kenya, “take the trash out to the curb”. How does it feel to eat your own words Porsha-back- at-cha!

  2. Anne on said:

    We don’t have all the facts. He seems controlling but she seems submissive and okay with it so I’m surprised they suddenly fell out. Maybe she wouldn’t submit on the ‘baby plus career’ issue or maybe it was something else. We are on the outside looking in and not in a position to give an opinion.

  3. linda leake on said:

    It’s all about him his way or no way, he’s controlling & arrogant, he needs to grow up & realize this is the 21st century, this lady gave up her career for him, yeah she should get a lump sum she’s entitle to every penny. He’s doing something else on the side it all will come out, he just don’t look that smart””oh well.””

  4. Tami on said:

    How smart your spouse is no excuse for publicly trying to humiliate her the way he did. He doesn’t sound as if he belongs to mensa when he opens his mouth either. She did sound like she was trying to make her marriage work and follow all of his rules, while he constantly came if as if he was being control.

  5. Concern on said:

    Again ……Porsha is the dumb blond in black skin…this is why there are prenups…..she needs to get her own life and not depend on a man’s money.

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