NEW YORK — ESPN is staying in the family in giving its Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Robin Roberts at its annual ESPY awards this summer.

The “Good Morning America” anchor is being saluted for how she kept viewers involved in her treatments for two serious illnesses. She had breast cancer in 2007 and last year had to undergo a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder. Roberts returned to “Good Morning America” last month.

Roberts came to sister company ABC from ESPN, where she was the network’s first black female sportscaster.

Most past awards recipients have sports connections, like former Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt last year. But the ESPYs have also honored Nelson Mandela and the four men who tried to stop one of the Sept. 11 hijackings.

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2 thoughts on “ESPN To Give Robin Roberts ‘Espy’ Award For Courage

  1. Robin Roberts deserved her illness.. She’s a snake and back stabber….. When Chris Brown appeared on good morning America, she had previously agreed with chis to talk only about his newly released album…. Instead, she only wanted to talk about his encounter with Rhianna…. She stabbed him in the back !!!!! ABC is a racist right wing republican controlled media outlet and Robin is the black puppet clown !!!!!

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