“Bow Down Bitches/I Been On” is the name of Beyonce’s new single that has everybody talking, blogging, and tweeting. Has the March “Vogue” magazine cover girl hailed as “Queen B” gone too far?

A lot of people think so.

“Beyonce sabotages her female empowerment efforts with Bow Down,” declares a tweet from The Washington Post.

A similar opinion is expressed in Madame Noire, a black women’s lifestyle guide.  “Truthfully, I would have expected this type of track from a younger Bey; not a 31-year-old new mother working on her fifth solo album.”

And this from Keyshia Cole: “Can’t stand when people all self righteous when it’s convenient it makes them look good. Lmao.”

So, is it really that deep or have Mr. and Mrs. Carter just found yet another brilliant way to keep people talking about Beyonce?

Since January she’s sung the National Anthem at the president’s inauguration, performed at the Super Bowl, won a Grammy, was interviewed on “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” directed her own HBO documentary and now she punctuates Women’s History Month  with a new single aimed directly at her haters.

Women are often criticized for not being able to support other successful sisters. We may see it in our personal or professional lives but the stereotypes run rampant in the media, thanks to reality shows and other popular tv shows like “American Idol” that has built its new season on the feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.

Usually though when shade is being thrown it originates from the bottom. Why throw shade when you’re at the top?

I think the golden opportunity that Beyonce has to empower her peers, help expose up-and-coming entertainers and be a role model for a younger generation has been tainted.

But is it worth the energy of being offended, especially if the only reason we’re offended is because we’re being told we should be? Similar to the Terrence Howard remark about Oprah’s “Tig ol’ Bitties” could at be that the people we’re most concerned about are not upset at all?

I talked to a 16-year-old girl who is one of Beyonce’s biggest fans and she isn’t fazed at all by the lyrics. “It’s just a song. I don’t think she’s talking to me. I don’t think she’s talking to anybody in particular.”

My response: But weren’t you surprised to hear the words come of Beyonce’s mouth?

“Kind of,” she says. “Especially since she’s a mom and because Jay-Z said he wasn’t going to use the B-word anymore.  But I think when women call other women the B-word it’s different than when a man does. It just another word for ‘girls.’”

What I got most out of the conversation with this teen is that if you already know who you are, you don’t allow yourself to be defined by others.

But what about the girls and women who don’t think as highly of themselves? Who’s responsibility is it build them up?

Not Beyonce’s.

Not anymore.

Because you’re either for the sisters or you’re not.

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46 thoughts on “Who You Calling a B****?: Does Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’ Diminish the Shine of Other Successful Women And Even Her Own?

  1. Velle Lamhe on said:

    Her time is up..old same videos and now i think her voice is also gone bad somehow..thats why she couldnt sing at the obama ignauration no more. she never had any ideas and songs..she never wrote them..we forgot she never went to school either..her vocabulary is very low..i think theres another dimension of understanding what u have to accomplish in this world other than shaking ur butt in front of billions and singing..theres a world God only gives the ones who truly are compassionate..if i got 50 millions for Pepsi the next day i would be in Africa helping the kids..theres actually nothing learned from music..the real important things are love, honesty, caring people and love for God. Unconditional beings are rare these days. I understand shes selling things because when u r a celebrity the only work u have is to promote urself etc..but with that comes a huge price..your soul..meaning: you take the crappiest jobs/events to do that..like showing off ur butt and wearing dirty clothes etc…u become shameless but in the end its not worth it because sadness will come over you on the Day of Judgment where u r covered by all your shameful acts…i guess we shouldnt think no more about God and her because she has clearly chosen a side, the bad side..whatever u will call it..better think of goodnes and about ourselves..only listen to helpful music…..

    • joey on said:

      Very well said and very well written,,, I agree with you, I grow up with the old school songs in my home my mom played music everyday in our home, and it made us all happy,,, she played glady’s kNight the oringinal recording of billie holiday, the jackson five, Bobby blue bland,, I mean everything from Rick james, to natalie cole first album, Aretha Franklin, Gospel Mahalia Jackson, it was real music and real songs that meant alot to my sisters and brothers. From blue’s to GOSPEL to jazz, to listen to miles davis, ANd John Cohtrain, that was real music,,,

      So to the Lady gaga’s And bey’s and the nicki manaj’s please yall need to sit down. That is real talk

  2. realtalk on said:

    First bitchonce said bow down bitches. Dumb asses say she anit talking to me she’s talking to her haters or peers. Really hater will never bow to a over rated over paid stripper. Now she calling people low life really this coming from a stripper doing a burlesque show with pole on stage in her panties and has shown her pussy have a seat. Bow out like disappear. May your future children look just like they daddy.

  3. beyonce was a real bitch all along,she has no educational foundation and yet she be calling people bitches,fuck her for that matter she’l be behind the mic for the rest of her fucking life she’ll never know how it is to actually work hard and get credit for not shaking ass

    • Brooklyn Whimsy on said:

      Hahahaah! I’m not Beyonce fan,but,your comment amused me since you are actually that goofy to think what Beyonce does isn’t “work”! You will NEVER come close to experiencing a fraction of the work she does in 1 year’s time even if you totaled up your lifetime. You may not like her,but that woman DOES WORK her ass off. Oh yes! I’m a choreographer myself and that’s hard enough. I cannot imagine doing that and being in the studio and plane after plane after plane after plane and concert after concert after performance after commercial etc etc etc etc!! I know she doesn’t get any sleep! Oh honey that broad DOES WORK! You might not like the final products, but she works her ass off! She might get paid like a mafucca and she should because SHE BUSTS HER ASS!! How gullable and naive you really are.

      And P.S. Fuck Beyonce. But the hoe WORKS HARD!

      • sandy on said:

        I guess beyonce is making it ” hard”” for herself. Nobody asked her to do all of that.
        To me it does not seem like hard work if you enjoy being in the picture all the fucking time.

  4. Jaime Nanz on said:

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  6. MissSweetT on said:

    Also, the song is some of that NWO stuff…I first watched the preview video on youtube and it just gave me an errie feeling, then I just read/heard some of the lyrics and quickly stop.

    No ma’am!

  7. MissSweetT on said:

    This is so uncharacteristic of her…I have never been able to figure her out totally…just weird I guess…

    Then it was-Girls” Run the World…Now it’s – Bitch, Bow Down! Interesting concept from someone who appears to have it all. Chile please… now she feels she need to be an anti-feminist to see her music… and our young girls are listening to her too?

    Undoubtedly this is her backlash from the recent negative publicity she has received (Surrogate pregnancy rumors, Presidential Inauguration lip syncing, Super Bowl Halftime show and naming her present tour- The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour).

    Beyonce’ is clearly an entertainer and she has much talent; she really doesn’t need the attention, so I think this is some of her husband’s Jay-Z’s doing, putting the thoughts in her head, words in her mouth and music.

    Hmph…don’t y’all get used or blinded by the EYE! She’s starting to show her true colors…by way of Blue. #The Fifth Element (i.e. Blue Ivy…go figure) Every movie produced and published has a hidden message.

    Some of her songs I personally like, but I’m not a fan…
    So Bey or what you said, “B!@#%”… Your song does not deserve the energy it is getting from anyone who is worthy and better yet it doesn’t deserve the strength of my finger strokes, but on behalf of the real women, young girls and true ladies that don’t want to hear that nonsense from you, – We will always Bow Down to Jesus Christ!!



      • joey on said:

        @ Christina I agree. I think this will finally bring bey to her end of at least to her knee’s I do like the fact that she can sing this song, and make money off of it. Do yalll think whitney houston would make up something like this, just to get herself back to being Number one, I do not think Chaka Khan would never have to go this far. to sell albums or Cd’s. Really! are you serious. Yes I do wonder what The FIRST LADY THINKS OF THIS SONG. Since Bey has been the Golden GIRL of America.

  8. Ntombizanele on said:

    She calls herself a feminist yet her husband calls women BITCHES all the time,she is no angel and I’ve always known that. And by the way Bee (IT TAKES A BITCH TO KNOW ANOTHER BITCH)

  9. “To Whom Much is Given Much is Required”!! If Beyonce does not understand the magnitude of the lyrics to her song perhaps she needs to Bow Down and Bow Out of the Entertainment industry. And for someone who has given birth to a female to not see how it is counterproductive and disrespectful on sooooo many levels is just plain Sad!! What happened to artist who proudly went to the recording studio and recorded songs such as, “SAY IT LOUD, I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD”? Yes, she and all artist whose wealth comes from the public and particularly the Black public have an inherited responsibility to come correct or say nothing!!

  10. Micheal on said:

    Keisha Cole is very classy, one who don’t have to shake her ass to draw attention like a stripper to make a cash flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sandy on said:

      . Acording to you she can do whatever she wants and must get away with it right!! cause she’s just a human being. Only when it’s convenient. I thought people like you are making a god out of her( beysus) I don’t think The LORD would apreciate that.

      • joey on said:

        @ SANDY I AGREE, She is laughing because the more she puts out she knows she can grab, that media attention first, THen she can get her fans/ and these poor suckers who cannot even afford her dam tickets, please she is apart of an ELITE group, she is not Pop/ rock entertainer, she is An ELITE
        and you know what it says about the ELITE GROUPS/. Pay attention. she just signed a 50 million dollar deal with pepsi, WHat are you kidding me. what kind of crap is that,, People please do you really think this woman cares about what she saying at this point. NOPE. she can say do anything she wants NOW. But I agree with another writer, if your for the SISTAHS, then stay that way, but bey is only for bey and jay-z. and making that LOOT! that is the bottom line. THE LOOT!

  11. I think the industry’s “golden chid” has gone a little bit too far. This is not about personal self respect or the lack thereof, of the women who have supported her artistry. This is about blatant arrogance. Don Imus once referred to a first class group of very accomplished women as “nappy headed hoes” . The community went crazy, took aggressive action to demonstrate the rejection of disrespect on this level. Yet, one of our own refers to her fans as bitches. I submit that the same rejection of disrespect shown by Imus be equally demonstrated here which may be something she can understand. The best way to get attention (though that is not what this is about) is to produce consistently good product, performances and presentations unless maybe, this has become too difficult. Take it to the person and not the masses, that which you have to say because you (Beyonce) are in your feelings about something that comes with the terrain you’ve chosen to cross. While I won’t say to you: Bow down, I will say to you: humble yourself. We are not your problem. Try dealing with whatever that is first.

  12. Lauren on said:

    Wait til he leave her. She is going to be another Brittney Spears. Low self esteem is a bitch. N Bitonce fans?? I am married, in the 200,000 club, husband (college graduate) 21 years married, :):) I am doin it!! N I keep my clothes on!! LMAO Did not have go to stripper heights to catch him either because I am SMART!!! I have TWO MASTERS DEGREES!!! N I am a PROFESSOR!! So go back to school and get jobs so you won’t feel you have to idolize scum. PEACE

  13. Lauren on said:

    Its amazing how stupid her fans are to this high school drop out booty shaking slut. N no I am not hating because I have TWO masters degrees something her and her thug azz husband can not buy!! LOL Beyonce is such a stripper slut to me! Not even a real singer! She sat on tv talking about how SHE IS NOTHING without Shawn Carter or JZ as he is commonly known! Female empowerment??? Talk about lack of confidence! Low self esteem! Her claim to fame is her booty shaking slut act! It is amazing how her parents could be proud of that!! Money is just paper. Morals, self love comes from within. Bitchonce lacks that.

  14. Elana on said:

    Um…also, maybe it’s not directed at ANYONE. Adding ‘bytches’ to the end of a phrase has been popular for a long time. “I’m bout to eat a pop tart. Bytches.” “ha! I finished my homework early BYTCHES!!” …seriously… I’m sure that many many people have been exposed to this… who decided she is specifically talking to other women? Also, keep in mind that most role models are decided by other people, usually not themselves. She is a role model, and should be, but it’s her tenacity and success as an artist that has made her so. Not her decisive announcement that she is a role model. Anybody gettin’ their come-up in a positive way can be looked up to or whatever. We have to stop acting like they must be flawless in order to exist. I own not a note of Beyonce’s music, but I sure as hell respect her for doin her thang. Bytches.

  15. I never bought her music and I don’t plan on it especially now! Yes I like some of her music but I’ve never been a Beyonce fan. Can’t put my finger on it but there’s something about her attitude that’s not right to me.

    • I agree its something about her attitude that I just cannot put my finger on either, A bits**ch is a Four Legged Pregnant DOGG, that what it means, and it still sounds bad when our men call us those names. so it sounds bad from women and men. plus I believe that this is the one that will bring her down. I’m not a fan of beyonce or her husband he just came up and out of nowhere just came up over-night and he cannot even rap. I hope that these young people do not think this is cute and start imitating her. she is not someone to look up to. she is one way, then she’s another. cannot put my finger on it..

  16. Yes beyonce is trying to stay on top, so this is just another way of getting her attention, and with her record sells down, she has to do something, My niece heard it yesterday and she is 22 years old,
    she said right away I do not like that, she sounds awful!, now I don’t want any of these young women in my family shacking there azz, on camera talking about bow down Bi***ches, you-tube is gonna be filled with half butt naked women talking about bow down-and no telling what they will be doing,, beyonce needs to do something because her time is winding down, so she has to do something.
    but this is not the way. young women look up to her. the song is ignorant and she needs to take some-more voice lessons and practice some of her writing skills.(bottom line never thought she was innocent because she has to get all that anger out and her Agression out. Very disrespectful coming from Miss goody two shoes… who says she does not Cuzz.

  17. I think she is poking fun at her peers in the industry and not aiming this at young girls. It’s like her song ‘Diva’,Beyonce just likes to talk trash on a track every now and then. I think it’s just a buzz track not an official single and it does not erase her female empowerment track record.

  18. Really people you’ll not like the title if you were a bitch, me it doesn’t bother because I have the self confidence and respect to know I’m not one. Funny how some of these young “women” will get up and dance to some of these songs calling the the “B” word and don’t mind i it come from a man rapping about it, but let another woman call them that and it’s on! Just like the “N” word it can’t and will not bother you if you’re not one.

  19. Debbie on said:

    I think she did that song because she could not tell people how she really felt…People felt to realize she was a human being as well when they spoke all the trash they wanted to say about her when she was pregnant, as she carried the baby, and after the baby was born…If she could have penned a song that said, “kiss my ass”, then you guys really would have something to say…I don’t like the song, but I was cracking up at the title…I knew what she wanted to tell the people in a nice way…”Bow Down”…

    • Whats the big deal you either like her music or you hate her music. Either way she expressed herself in a song to all her haters. If you are a hater then the “B” word applies if you could care less it dont apply so quit making yoselves look like the Mitches and bow down. Bow down is only an expression nothing personal. And for the record how many of you even bow down to GOD anyway not many so stop wasting peoples time with all the social media and 100 way to blog ur expression in a hateful way cause she aint bothering a damn soul. Now BOW DOWN BItch…Yelp I said it!

      • sandy on said:

        But the point is , it’s NOT about the haters , it’s about YOU the FANS/STANS.
        but ofcourse you will deny it cause it would break your heart.

  20. She has to do whatever she can to keep herself out here just like all the the other “artists”. Why is this such a big fat deal? Her husband has been calling women bitches forever. What makes these “fans” think she hasn’t been doing the same thing, just not out loud? Now that she sees how effective shock value is, she’s jumping on the bandwagon just like everyone else. I swear, these people act as if this woman gives a rat’s ass about how much they defend her. She only cares about how much of your hard earned money you spend buying her products – while she and her husband calls you bitches and ho’s. And all the time watching, laughing, and spending your money while you bow down. Go figure.

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