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Hopefully, Brian McKnight has put his more salacious musical days behind him. After the uproar of his new infamous song about, well, a woman’s private parts, he’s moved on to release a new CD, “More than Words,” which promises a return to the sultry ballads that are more his style. The first track “Sweeter” and the title track is a return for form for McKnight, finding him at his loverman best. However, McKnight hasn’t folded up his freak flag just yet – he’s also got a song called “Ididntreallymeantoturnyouout” and another called “Front, The Back, The Side.” McKnight says his more controversial record was told from the point of view of a women’s vibrator and won’t be included on his new CD, although it’s still available on  iTunes.

“21 years have passed since the first album and I’m still trippin’ on that but I’m here,” Mc Knight told the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning. “I thank you so much for the support.”

“More than Words” is McKnight’s 15th CD. Although he’s sold over 200 million CD’s worldwide  over two decades, he’s part of the wrong side of a Grammy distinction – 16 nominations with now wins. (On the hip-hop side, Nas is another deserving empty-handed multi-nominee with 13 nods.) Could this new release be the charm? Only Grammy voters know.

McKnight is also appearing in Hinton Battle’s “Love Lies”   gospel play that also stars Angie Stone, Elise Neal and Crystal Aikin. In the play, McKnight plays Harrison Brown, a man who is engaged to three different women. The women find out about his lies at Brown’s funeral and each of them, in spite of the situation, learns and grows from it.

“More than Words” track listing:

1.Don’t Stop

2. Letsomebodyluvu

3. 4th of July

4. Sweeter

5. She Doesn’t Know

6.More Than Words

7. Nothing But A Thang

8. Livewithoutyou

9. Made For Love

10. Get U 2 Stay

11. Slow

12. Another

13. Trying Not to Fall Asleep

14. Ididntreallymeantoturnuout

15. Front, The Back, The Side

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