The battle of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” booties is in full effect and the result are finally in: Kenya Moore’s Booty Boot Camp has outsold Phaedra Parks’ Phine Body in the first week of its release.

According to reports, the former Miss USA’s DVD became an Amazon bestseller in just six hours after its release, currently ranking at #40 in the Movies & TV > DVD > Exercise & Fitness category. Meanwhile Phaedra’s video, which was released weeks before Kenya’s, is holding down the #93 spot.

The reality stars began their butt-enhancing, entrepreneurial ventures together. Phaedra hired Kenya to help produce her “donkey booty” project, however their business relationship turned sour after both parties failed to reach an agreement on compensation. Kenya decided to make her own “stallion booty” fitness DVD –some argue out of spite– and Phaedra began to make claims that her co-star’s behind was not real.

“She is a jealous, fake, evil, and most of all a hypocritical villain. My body is natural. I clearly work hard for it,” Kenya wrote in response to Phaedra’s allegations on her Bravo TV blog.

Despite the beef, the results are in and the numbers don’t lie. Are you surprised but the results?

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16 thoughts on “Kenya Moore’s ‘Booty Boot Camp’ Outsells Phaedra Parks’ ‘Donkey Booty’

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  2. Truth hURTS on said:

    Anybody who think Phaedra is way sexier than Kenya Moore is clearly out of touch w realtIy and is probably lonely and just flat out insane. PHLAT OUT BLAHHH LOL

  3. Truth hURTS on said:

    I cant take Phae Phae serious her body or her Career havent seen her represent shit since the first show she was on when she represented that THUG. She need more ppl JS

  4. How is Kenya’s body so inspirational when it’s fake. I mean damn how is person who PAID for her body can tell me who to work out. If her workout plan was that good she wouldn’t have paid for body work. I’m just saying that’s like Nikki Manji trying tell somebody how to make their booty plump the natural way.

    • Truth hURTS on said:

      STOP HATING that is Kenya’ Moore’s body for sure I’ve followed her through-out her career nothing has changed you can tell when Celebs get plastic surgery or injections. THATS HER ASS FLAT THE HELL OUT

  5. Fuck a skank on said:

    Phaedra looks so damn fake in the face. On top of that, she is only a dozen hush puppies from being a true bbw. Yeah, that ass is phat and looks nice ” now “. Fall back and catch up with her in a few years. Kenya on the other hand, has that nice type of ass that only comes from working out. She the type I would love to have sitting on the back of my bike. On top of that, she sexy and tall with it. A lil advise for Phaedra…jump in the casket with the next person you bury.

  6. Bonita Love on said:

    I’m nt surprised at all by the numbers,I think the person won as far as body type goes. I dnt take Phaedra seriously only due 2 the fact tht she’s nt as fit,but either way I wish the best for the both of them

  7. Call it as I see it on said:

    If I were to get a work out tape I would def go with Kenya’s, her body is way better and worked out. Phaedra’s body is short and stubby, just looks like she eats alot. Phaedra also thinks shes sexy and she not..

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  9. community on said:

    I’m not surprised. Phaedra is a great entrepreneur, but maintaining a great body is not an entrepreneural venture… requires real work and exercise. The results speak for themselves.
    btw….I love Phaedra!

  10. Lewis on said:

    but the numbers are skewed, it also depends on how many videos a business put into production, if Kenya produce 1000 and Phaedra produced 10, 000 than of course Kenya would sell out and put her in top sales.

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