When you hear that a football star has written and produced a movie, you’re probably not thinking it’s one you should run out and see. Well, Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker Terrell Suggs might be the exception. With a fresh Super Bowl ring in hand, maybe an Oscar is next? Well, no, but his movie “The Coalition,” which Suggs financed and co-wrote, is actually pretty fun to watch.

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One thought on “Terrell Suggs on ‘The Coalition’, his Injuries & More

  1. Tom, I’m not sure what one of your co-workers said, exactly, about Mr. Suggs and his involvement with physical abuse of women this morning but whatever it was, I was sorry to see you turn on your guest without even giving him a chance to respond to the allegations. One minute you’re praising his movie and the next you’re downplaying it because of something someone “told” you he did.

    I’m not going to get too angry with you because admittedly, I don’t know the entire story but in the future you might want to give the same consideration to others that you’d want for yourself. Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

    I plan to see the movie.

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