Jamie Foxx attended the vigil to honor the life of Trayvon Martin in New York City. It’s been a year since Martin lost his life at the hands of George Zimmerman via gun violence masquerading as self-defense. Jamie Foxx has been an advocate for Martin and his passion showed through as he sang, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” to Martin’s parents.

Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin were joined by Foxx and over 200 supporters where they lit candles at 7:17 pm (the time Martin was fatally shot) during a moment of silence to remember Martin.

At the vigil, the crowd was told to put their “Hoods up!” which has become a symbol Trayvon’s death and the absurdity over his choice of wardrobe assisting in him losing his life that night.

“This day, until the day I die, will always be Hoods Up Day for me,” Tracy Martin said. We will never forget Trayvon Martin.

Originally seen on HelloBeautiful.com 

4 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Serenades Trayvon Martin’s Parents At ‘Million Hoodie’ Vigil

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  3. Alberta on said:

    STOP the Violence in our neighborhoods 1st..We can’t blame white folk for the same things that are done in Black communities! When we point the finger it comes right back 2 us..Rally every year be just as determined to get the message out. Be blessed my people.

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