148 years after the original amendment prohibiting slavery passed through Congress, Mississippi has officially ratified the amendment.

According to reports, Miss. voted to ratify the law in 1995 but somehow the United States Archivist was not notified, thus, it was never officiallyย  recorded as being passed.

Luckily, a doctor from India named Dr. Ranjan Batra, after watching the filmย Lincoln began researching the ratifying dates of different states. That’s when he noticed Miss. was missing a date.

Soon after, the doctor and a friend contacted Miss. state officials to have the law officially ratified.

The official paperwork was filed on January 30 and the amendment has now been officially passed.

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3 thoughts on “Mississippi Finally Ratifies 13th Amendment Banning Slavery

  1. labman57 on said:

    Slavery is over? Who knew?

    It would appear that them thar good ol’ boys in the deep South don’t mingle much beyond their own lily-white neighborhoods.

  2. Rayar Johnson on said:



    In the Wayne County Mississippi Newspaper Front page continues 8A February 14,2013 addition.

    KKK threat to kill my child four children continous violations. We need representation.


    Rayar Johnnson


    • 55th st silverbacks on said:

      Although moments like this are shameful, (do we really believe they forgot to tell archivist) it is one of the ways we are able to declare without disput that instituitional racism is alive and moving forward with momentum.

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