Reality TV star and manager Kris Jenner didn’t have any kind words for Honey Boo Boo‘s ratchet parents. According to America’s favorite sitcom mom, Phylicia Rashad, Kris Jenner is the pot calling the kettle negro.

According to new reports, Rashad feels Kris Jenner is just as bad as the ratchet mothers of reality television because she has pushed her children to become fame-whores and get a check by any means necessary. A source close to the former “Cosby Show” star said, “She feels Kris represents everything shallow and vulgar about Hollywood.”

On the hit E! reality series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Jenner famously urged Kim  to pose nude for Playboy in spite of Kim’s reservations. After all, the family became household names due to the bodacious reality star’s sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. Jenner also raised eyebrows when she asked her oldest child Kourtney to allow cameras into the delivery room for both of her pregnancies. (I thought this was the (Entertainment Network not the Discovery Channel.)


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5 thoughts on “Phylicia Rashad Blasts Kim K’s Mom

  1. All one can do is try to keep their own kids away from the influence of these people who worship money. I don’t know why Kim even bothers with a divorce, its not like she honors marriage or anything dealing with decency right-

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  3. Denise504 on said:

    Proof that someone can grow age wise gracefully MINUS plastic surgery, botox, etc….One day all that plastic will sad.

  4. jesmeen on said:

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