Reports out of Atlanta are claiming that Bishop Eddie Long was aware of Ephren Taylor’s ponzi scheme nearly a week before Taylor scammed Long’s congregation out of more than a million dollars.

According to Channel 2 Action News, Long was warned by an unidentified male about Taylor’s incredulous background through an internal memo sent to Long.

The man reportedly told Long’s assistant about Taylor’s debt  and exactly how his scheme worked, saying that he “will issue promissory notes to the congregation if allowed that gives him legal authorization to do what he wants and there will be no return on investment.”

Despite being aware of Taylor’s intentions, members of Long’s church say that the pastor still invited Taylor to his church and encouraged members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to invest with Taylor back in 2009.

Twelve members of the church who invested in Taylor are now suing him with hopes of getting their money back.

In 2012, Taylor was charged with stealing over $11 million dollars from investors nationwide, including members of Long’s church.

10 thoughts on “Documents Show Eddie Long Was Aware of Ephren Taylor’s Ponzi Scheme


  2. As long as there are ZOMBIES inside these churches following the ‘pimps’ behind the pulpits and not thinking for themselves then there will continue to be swindlers like Ephren preying on them! really you can t feel sorry for them when they allow themselves to get ‘caught up’ in the MCD (MAD CHURCH DISEASE) that is being presented in so many institutionalized churches of todays society as following leadership…obviously they don t know the difference between leadership and DICTATORSHIP…he told them to invest—- he didn’t—–that’s leadership? lol

  3. eddie long is just a greedy corrupt church, just like in the bible,, this man, is such a dissapointment
    to our communities, he just should get out of the church business, and go somewhere and sit down
    and think about what he has done to his congregation…. give it a rest eddie, you just another one
    getting paid off of religion.

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