Mostly everyone will have an interest in this weekend’s upcoming Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.

Whether you are watching for the actual sporting event, Beyonce’s half-time show, celebrity gazing or trying to catch the Super Bowl commercials, something is bound to catch your eye.

Last year’s Super Bowl raked in an astonishing 13.5 million tweets during the game on Twitter and this year is only expected to surpass that mark.

Nikki Woods went “Beyond the Studio” with Omid Ashtari, the head of Sports and Entertainment at Twitter about this year’s big game and the impact of Twitter on fan’s watching experience.

Ashtari explained to Woods just how large the Twitter impact is, he said, “It’s tremendous, the whole country, probably the whole world is watching and they come to Twitter to talk and share what their feelings and emotions are.”

He goes on to explain the benefits of using Twitter during the Superbowl, he stated, “you get closer to the game and closer to the action…it becomes an extension of the game that’s going on.”

Not to mention, it gives the fans an opportunity to interact with athletes, Ashtari explained,  “It’s an opportunity for the fans to get closer to the athletes… beyond what they do on the field and on the court.”

Click the link above and listen to Nikki’s full interview with Omid Ashtari to find out more exclusive details on the ins-and-outs of Twitter, the benefits of joining, and the answer to the burning question of “how does one get verified on Twitter?”

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