Dear Tom,

I am writing about my friend, john who is definitely in need of a Christmas wish. In November of last year, john was at his job as a janitor at the m & s grill when he started having chest pains and stiffness in his arm.   He took a tums and decided to wait out the pain.  Later that night he was rushed to the hospital and it was confirmed that he had a heart attack due to 100% blockage in his right artery.  A stint had to be placed in his heart and he has been recovering ever since.

John is on several medications and a daily aspirin regimen to regulate his heart and keep the blood flowing in his arteries.  He can no longer manage to do janitorial work full-time and has reduced his work week to only a few hours a day.  He  has a small flea market business to supplement his income selling scented oils, however he is out of supplies, so that has stopped as well.  John turned fifty-one on January 6, but feels as if he has nothing to celebrate.

Tom, john’s prescriptions cost him two-hundred dollars a month at the pharmacy at Walmart; he cannot miss one day without risking another heart attack or even death.   Sadly, his bi-weekly pay is not enough to cover both his medication and living expenses. It is my Christmas wish to ask for your help to make sure my dear friend can get the medication he needs to stay alive and some supplies for his flea-market business, so he can survive until he can get more long-term assistance.


Nancy Publow

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One thought on “Wednesday Christmas Wish: John MacCray

  1. Autumn Bonnet on said:

    Dear Tom, My name is Autumn Bonnet. I am 16 years old and currently in foster care. My foster mothers name is Theresa Lanns. I live in a wonderful, clean environment which I am blessed to have; there our other places I have been that have been less fortunate. There are four foster children in this home along with her three of her adopted children. In my heart I know Ms. Theresa does everything she does all she can for us, but sometimes I worry about her because she is not married and everyday I see her stressing herself to get what needs to be done. It seems that she never has time for rest and thats what really hurts me. Just last month, her water bill alone was $400.00 due to a leakage in the wall. After a flood a few weeks ago, the roof began to leak causing us to remove the whole roof, over $1000.00 dollars in repair. About $400.00 are spent just on one weeks worth of groceries. Its sad because she is by herself in this with so many people she trys to look after. She holds on though the Lord. But I am scared, Ive never been in a better environment and I dont want to have to leave due to inadequate expenses. Please, help Ms. Theresa, I beg of you, the Lord knows we need someone to hear us. She had tried so hard just to get food stamps but they are denying her, it starts to worry me getting in the way now of my education.

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