NEW YORK (AP) — Cissy Houston has a few words, and a few more, for Bobby Brown.

In “Remembering Whitney,” the mother of the late Whitney Houston writes that from the start she had doubted whether Brown was right for her daughter. And she thinks that Whitney might not have ended up so “deep” into drugs had they not stayed together.

“I do believe her life would have turned out differently,” Houston writes. “It would have been easier for her to get sober and stay sober. Instead she was with someone who, like her, wanted to party. To me, he never seemed to be a help to her in the way she needed.”

“Remembering Whitney” came out Tuesday, two weeks short of the first anniversary of Houston’s death. She drowned in a hotel bathtub in Beverly Hills, Calif., at age 48. Authorities said her death was complicated by cocaine use and heart disease.

During a recent telephone interview, Houston said she has no contact with Brown and didn’t see any reason to, not even concerning her granddaughter, Bobbi Kristina. She reaffirmed her comments in the book that Whitney Houston would have been better off without him. “How would you like it if he had anything to do with your daughter?” she asked.

Houston said she wanted the book published so the world would not believe the worst about her daughter. Cissy Houston, herself an accomplished soul and gospel singer who has performed with Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin, describes Whitney as a transcendent talent and vivacious and generous person known affectionately by her childhood nickname, “Nippy.” But she acknowledges in the book that her daughter could be “mean” and “difficult” and questions at times how well she knew her.

“In my darkest moments, I wonder whether Nippy loved me,” she writes. “She always told me she did. But you know, she didn’t call me much. She didn’t come see me as much as I hoped she would.”

But, “almost always,” Whitney Houston was “the sweetest, most loving person in the room.”

Brown is portrayed as childish and impulsive, hot tempered and jealous of his wife’s success. Cissy Houston describes a 1997 incident when Whitney sustained a “deep cut” on her face while on a yacht with Brown in the Mediterranean. Whitney insisted it was an accident; Brown had slammed his hand on a table, breaking a plate. A piece of china flew up and hit Whitney, requiring surgery to cover any possible scar.

The injury was minor, the effects possibly fateful.

“She seemed sadder after that, like something had been taken away from her,” Houston writes.

For years, Whitney’s drug problems had been only a rumor to her mother, who writes that concerns expressed by record executive Clive Davis were kept from her by her daughter and others. But by 2005 she had seen the worst. Houston remembers a horrifying visit to the Atlanta home of Brown and Houston, where the walls and doors were spray-painted with “big glaring eyes and strange faces.” Whitney’s face had been cut out from a framed family picture, an image Cissy Houston found “beyond disturbing.” The next time Houston came to the house, she was joined by two sheriff’s deputies who helped her take Whitney to the hospital.

“She was so angry at me, cursing me and up and down,” she writes. “Eventually, after a good long while, Nippy did stop being angry at me. She realized that I did what I did to protect her, and she later told people that I had saved her life.”

Brown and Whitney Houston divorced in 2007, after 15 years of marriage. When she learned that her daughter was leaving Brown, Cissy Houston was “extremely relieved” and “thanking God so much I’m sure nobody else could get a prayer in to Him.”

Houston has no doubt that if Whitney were alive she would still be singing and making records. Houston said during her interview that she has seen “Sparkle,” a remake of the 1970s movie that came out last summer and featured Whitney as the mother of a singing group struggling with addiction. Although Cissy Houston doesn’t like movies about “drugs and all that kind of stuff,” she was impressed by “Sparkle.”

“I thought she was great in it and all the kids were great,” says Houston, who adds that the “whole movie was hard to get through.”

The book, too, was painful and her grief continues. She writes that sometimes she hears a doorbell ring and thinks it’s Whitney, or sees a vase in a different place and wonders if her daughter is around. Some nights, Cissy Houston wakes up crying, not sure at first where she is.

“But then I get up out of bed, wipe my eyes, wash my face, and lie back down to my sleep. Because that is all I can do,” she writes. “I am so grateful to God for giving me the gift of 48 years with my daughter. And I accept that He knew when it was time to take her.”

(Photo: AP)

20 thoughts on “Whitney Houston’s Mother Has Words for Bobby Brown

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  2. I watched the interview last night and I didn’t hear her mother blame Bobby. It was obvious she did not care for him but she did not blame Bobby for her daughter’s drug use. If anything she cleared up the myth that Bobby introduced her to drugs by allowing Whitney’s brother to acknowledge his part in her drug use.

    I think she was as open as she needed to be about her daughter. People shouldn’t expect her to tell everything. There are parts of our lives that we wouldn’t share with God if it wasn’t for the fact that he knows all.

    I can’t wait to read the book to read Ms. Houston’s view of her daughter. It was obvious that there were parts of Whitney’s life that she kept away from her mother. There are a lot of things I did that my mother doesn’t know to this day and never will.

  3. I sympathy with any parent that has children on drugs. However Miss Cissy has to realized that both of her sons and daughter was on drugs. There is something deep there that should be looked into. The brother has admitted he did drugs with Whitney long before Bobby. She can’t blame Bobby for Whitney’s life. They both need help badly.

    • you know why most of these celebs, end up on drugs, Big Money, access, easy everybody says yes
      to them,, Money, millions of dollars,, people who don’t pull your coat tail, like Mary J bliege said
      nobody told her anything, they did not intervene, so she just kept doing it,, look at lindsey lohan
      look at farrah faucett son, still on drugs,, Micheal Douglas, son is still locked up, for meth,, so please
      its all the about the cash flow, and people who say YES TO YOU!, all the time,,, and those people
      don’t care how you end up,,,Look at Natalie cole, had to have a kidney transplant, she looks awful
      and she came from a very wonderful. background, nat kings coles daughter, so there are many,,, I’m surprised
      Natalie cole is still alive,, Chaka Khan, yes she had her time with drugs as well, they all do, it,,
      so lets not forget all these people who are continuing to abuse themselves with drugs,, because
      its called ADDICTION,!!…GOD bless them all,,,

  4. I normally do not comment on anything like this…My heart has been touched by reading the article. I too lost a child; not from drugs but a car accident. At the end of the day it does not matter how they left because as a parent we feel we should not have to bury our children. My heart goes out to Mrs. Houston because she has the whole world watching her as she grieves her child. I will be praying for this family.

  5. Mr. Williams on said:

    There has been plenty of reports that Bobby wasn’t the one who introduced her to drugs… This was very tacky on Cissy’s behalf… Very TACKY!!!

  6. Last night on Oprah, it was Whitney’s brother MIchael who got her hooked on drugs and HE ADMITTED HE DID IT. So the blame is with her brother. I am not surprise at Bobby’s actions. You have to remember that BOTH Bobby and WHitney were on drug so BOTH of them are going to act crazy. Believe me, if we were able to talk to BObby’s mother, BObby’s mother may say the same about Whitney marrying her son.

  7. I have been a fan of Whitney Houston’s ever since a child. What Whitney was going through was normal for an addict (I have siblings who have struggled with drugs and drinking), I realize that as a parent it was heartbreaking to witness what was going on with her child yet she seems like she hasn’t forgiven the actions that were taken through that difficult time. I believe that drugs play the role of a demon in a lot of people’s lives but the person takes on that demon and it rides them till they choose to get off of that ride. I agree with the fact that no one makes you do anything you don’t wanna do — God gave us all a voice and she could’ve just as easily said “no,” left the scene of the drugs and not have married a drug addict like Bobby Brown. Bobby was in control of his own destiny, too.
    I don’t believe Cissy should be exploiting Whitney’s personal struggle because this wouldn’t have ever gotten out unless Whitney decided to write her own struggle. The public doesn’t need to know this, it cheapens her memory in a way because she was an extraordinary woman with an even more special gift. Though I know this about her, it hasn’t destroyed my memory of her and what she’s accomplished — it just shows me she’s human.
    As a Christian, she has to hand this situation over to God, continue to pray for forgiveness, get some counseling and move on from the situation. It’s like you’re beating a dead horse to hold resentments towards someone who is no longer here with us. Forgive Bobby for what and who he was.
    And what I do know is Bobby has to reach out to his daughter and he should have been grieving right alongside her for his ex-wife, the mother of his child. What Bobbi Kristina is going through no child should be going through alone (especially at a young age) trust me, I know: two of my youngest siblings had to grow up fast and on their own after my mother passed.

    • Sorry but I do not think it cheapens Whitney (we knew she was on drugs and it was no secret), to me, it just shows what kind of struggles Whitney was dealing with. I liked WHiteny and none of this has changed my views on her. I do not make GODS out of people so I do not expect them (celebs) to be more rightous than the man next door just because they are on tv with a talent. They are still human. and make mistakes.

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  9. darrell (heavy d) on said:

    whitney mother needs to stop blaming bobby for her problem there nothing bobby could have done to stop whitney from doing drug if that was what wanted to do i am a recoverying addict with 11yr clean and i know you do drug because you do drug and no one is to stop until they get ready.

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  12. I do believe that cissy houston was the best mother she know how to be, like we all try to be,, there are no books on how to raise our children,, but I know we have to realize, its hard to tell a grown person who is married, and has a child, and making millions of dollars, to get rid of your husband,
    but one thing Cissy is right about, is he didn’t help, he could have stood up to her, like Mary J, Bliege
    husband told her she had to stop drinking or we are not going to make it!!,, bobby could have been more of taking a stand against alot of things whitney was doing,, or trying to do,, but his jealously
    and Ego always got in the way. I’m the same age as whitney, And there where times where I didn’t like my mother, but now, I love and appreciate what she did for me and my brothers and sisters, I was the eldest, my mother was the type who didn’t take any stuff, she demanded respect, and she was a very supportive mother. but we all can remember when we didn’t like or care for our mother’s,
    The music business can separate families, and keep families apart, and create alot of chaos, and insecurities, but whatever Cissy houston did,, at least she did try to intervene, just like all parents try
    to intervene and we as grown folks. don’t wanna hear it,,at the time. but when millions of dollars are there ,, it can ruin families. so GOd bless them, and I hope we all learn a lesson, that we must intervene even if they don’t want us to, I was raised in a home with two parents, my father was very
    important to me, and he had a six grade education, but he was very hard on us, when it came to our
    education. but I’m sure cissy houston, tried her best to be the best Mother she know how to be ,,
    the music business, is hard and comes with a price, and this was the price. they have paid,,
    So GOD bless the houston family and pray that they learn from this, and that the next generation of houstons, will be better. and learn and listen to what there families are saying, stick together,
    to stay wise and stay encouraged…

      • Well sean, Ms, houston repeated that she does not blame anybody for her whitney’s death, and if whatever is the answer to your comment that is sad in it-self, it was whitney’s time. just like teena marie, nobody is talking about her death, she died suddenly as well, and Micheal Jackson. look at all of these stars who are dying suddenly, Cissy houston,was a married woman, to john houston until his death, and whitney wanted the same things her mother had, a good marriage, and children, so the message was clear, she wanted to have what her mom had, a career and a man who loves her,
        and children, Just like the jackson family tried to intervene, but they pointed the finger at a Doctor, they didn’t even know he had, Micheal was never the same after that trial, so who is the blame for his death, lets stop pointing fingers, and just let it go,, its almost been a year, for whitney, and its not how she died, its what she left behind, great songs, interviews, she left alot of love behind,she left a legacy of performances, Our culture at this point is Brain-washed about this music industry, and this industry, is corrupted and greedy, always about the mighty dollar, so lets just let it go, plus when you lose your baby one day you will understand, if you are a mom or a dad, My mother lost three sons
        all in one year, so I lost three brothers, all in one year, that is a devastating thing for any family,
        and it was a big media case in the news, so its hard to grieve in public, and the media can be a nasty
        bunch of blood suckers, so lets just let it go,, and LET GOD TAKE CARE OF IT, the wounds will heal
        but we will never forget. GOD YOU BLESS YOU!, and HAVE A BLESSED DAY!…

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  14. Debbie on said:

    God Bless Miss Cissy…May prayers keep her strong…I have never said this on this website but it comes out today….I am an addict, I have been off & on drugs since I was 16, I am now 50…Believe me, people don’t make you do drugs, you do drugs because you want too!!!It starts off as having a little fun but it can, shall, and will get you!!!You do drugs because things might be happening or have happened in your life to make you go that way…Sometimes you do drugs just to blink things out…No one should be blamed for someone else’s drug use…I understand Miss Cissy wants to blame Bobby for what has happened to Whitney but at the end of the day, all of this was Whitney’s fault….

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