What are the perks of having a superstar singer as your daughter? A brand new sprawling mansion worth $5.9 million.

According to reports, Beyoncé bought her mom, Tina Knowles, a new 25,000 square ft home in the prestigious Piney Point Village neighborhood in Houston, TX.

The house has a whopping 16 bathrooms, six bedrooms, and four kitchens. Not to mention, there is a game room, two jacuzzis, a pool, and a movie theater.


With all that space, Beyoncé  and Solange need to have a few more children so mama Knowles can have some company.

16 thoughts on “Beyoncé Buys $5.9 Million Mansion For Mom

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    True, you get more for you millions in Texas. Nice tax right off Beyonce. 25,000 sq. ft? I would have settled for a measly 5,000 sq ft home in Texas. Will her mother pay the property taxes (which is very expensive in TX), who’s going to clean all those room/bathrooms, maintain the lawn, overall maintain the property? Sure hire help but that cost money too, which will be another nice right tax right off hiring help to clean, maintain the property. Solange don’t have money to buy her own house, homes in Texas are very affordable and yes, you get a lot for your money spent in Texas. Anyway nice gesture but a lot of house for one person to live in, even if her sister did live there, 12,000 sq ft per person is a lot as well. Overall, it’s a gift and a good tax right off for Beyonce. I’m sure she was advised by her/their financial adviser to do that. Same as Oprah and others giving stuff away, building schools etc, it’s all a good right off for them.

  2. j huff on said:

    I guess the 1%’s do drive the economy, after all you can’t buy that if your dependent on Government assistance

  3. That is really nice and demonstrative of the appreciation that she has for her Mother! I one day dream that I will obtain something of this magntiude as a reflection of gratitude (although not required). I don’t have Beyonce dollars by far but I often gave my Mom gifts (based on my wealth LOL)!!! There are just so many people who do not regard people who have assisted them and this is simply a nice gesture.

  4. Cranberry on said:

    Never to late for a comment. This is so sweet it touches my heart to see a child that takes care of their parent in this manner. Beyonce will always be a winner as long as she sticks by and support her parents. You never hold grudges, hates or any other type of negative feeling toward your parent. Love is uncondtional people make mistakes your parents are human beings that too make mistakes and you don’t judge them.

  5. I think as a mom I would have told my daughter I do not want a home that big because it is only me yes she do have two grand kids but that home is still too big and they could use that money for something else. Like putting it away for a raining day and you know how they are alway saying we owe taxes give it a couple years and the IRS will be on her back when they get tired of her.

  6. Ronnie M. on said:

    soon there will be no money. other than the clothes on their backs. because after pepsi’s money is gone, so shall beyonce.

  7. I want to say that I am proud of Beyonce for all she has done for Houston Texas. I live in Housto Texas too, I have watched her build Housing, pay Tithes to the church so belonged to in Houston too. When hurricane Katrina happen she provided everything that those persons needed at there time of need. I am also proud of her for purchasing her mom a new hime. Ms. Tina is an angel too. She also gave the persons of Katrina as much support as Beyonce gave Katrinas survivors as Beyonce gave to them. Both women made clothing and provided supplies, food and many other daily needs the Katrina persons needed. They both should be Thanked for all they have given to the Houston Texas area. They are still giving gifts to those in the Houstob Texas atea as well as the Katrina persons. The media has never reported about these things. It bothers me that the media was so quick to point out Beyonces lip singing. I wanted the World to know that these 2 women, are Gods hands and feet whenever there is a storm of any kind in the USA. I am sure they borh respondes when Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast too. Thank you, Tina and Beyonce. Ms. Janet Kimbrough

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