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Once again the President is getting flack, this time for not appointing enough people of color to his cabinet. Never mind that he’s not finished yet.

I don’t care what color the President’s cabinet is. We’ve got bigger problems to worry about. I just want him to appoint people who can help get this country out of the hole we’re in.

Some of the members of the Text Tom Club agree with me, but not all. Here’s one with some strong opposing feelings:

“How pathetic and hypocritical.  If the Prez was a white, male, Republican, Tom and Blacks would be outraged about the lack of diversity in the cabinet.”

To that I say, he isn’t a white Republican.  He’s a black Democrat who is  going to be harshly criticized whichever way he decides to go.  I want him to choose a cabinet that will help him work his plan—putting a dent in this $16 trillion debt.  They can be male, female, black, white, brown, or yellow.

What do you think?

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39 thoughts on “Who Cares About the Color of Obama’s Cabinet?

  1. James Green on said:

    Why are we listing to Tom Joyner, he rich…He could care less about the common person as long as you listen and his sponsors are happy, Listen it does make a difference who the president select in cabinet and possible supreme courts nommees. We gave 90% of our vote to this man yet we are getting nothing in return, BLACK PEOPLE STOP being patsy and listening to entertainer who do not have your best interest at heart,

  2. I believe in credibility…when things matter, they matter, not just when its convenient! Yes, it does concern me who is appointed in the cabinet, be it by a republican or democrat.

  3. Black/African-Americans must ensure that they aren’t bamboozled again in future elections. The dilemma that they face is, who is the lesser of two evils? As long as the GOP continues to nominate uber-rich White guys like Romney – who has nothing but contempt for anybody with a net-worth less than 1/4 Billion Dollars – Black/African-Americans will have no choice but to vote for DNC candidates.
    I am disappointed, but not surprised by President Obama’s selections for key, high-profile posts in his administration. Just like other minorities who vote for DNC candidates, our votes are taken for granted, because they know that the GOP is too dumb to offer non-extremist candidates who are acceptable to us. Perhaps a third-party candidate is the answer.

  4. Sharon J. on said:

    President Obama had the chance to appoint a highly qualified black woman — Susan Rice — as our secretary of state, but he didn’t stand up for her as his original choice. Instead, he let her be a scapegoat for the killings in Benghazi, Black women have been his greatest supporters and that was his way of thanking us.

    • How can you possibly know this is the reason she was not appointed? Perhaps she was smart enough to see what Hillary is and has gone through and decided to have as normal a life as possible, perhaps she had things she didn’t want those interviewing her to bring out, perhaps she wasn’t qualifed. Why do people who are not in the white house and don’t know anything about the people they are talking about, feel they know the answers. The man is doing the best he can despite us.

  5. “I don’t care what color the President’s cabinet is.”
    If a predominately white cabinet was not connecting with the concerns of black America, you, Tom Joyner would start caring in a New York minute.
    “I want him to choose a cabinet that will help work his plan-putting a dent in this $16 trillion debt. They can be male, female, black, white, brown or yellow.”
    Actually it’s going to be Congress not the president’s cabinet that will be putting a dent in this $16 trillion debt. So unless these cabinet officials got powers of persuasion with members of Congress at those hearings on Capital hill, President Obama is going to be back where he started at the end of his second term in office like he was in his first.

    • Predominantly white cabinets did not care! Did you call THEM out then? This is a President for all the people not just African Americans, we want to ALL to be treated fairlly. Whether its the congress or the president’s cabinet who makes the decisions, the president is better equipped to know who he has that’s best equipped – he knows them not us. This sounds like the ‘crabs in a barrell’ addage.

      • Sharon J. on said:

        Other groups such as Hispanics and gays can ask President Obama to address their issues, but black people can’t. Is that what you’re saying? I don’t expect anything more or less from President Obama than any of the other presidents. Black people have just as much right to offer criticism of the president as any other community. I wouldn’t have voted for him twice if I felt he was too weak to handle criticism.

  6. Well once again we see what happens when a select few obtain what they want and the crumbs are left around. Very disappointed in the Prez and his policy as they are in line with the prior Administration. Check the records and I support him before you all start with this he must be on the other side. All the so call leaders was jumping up and down to vote for him just because but we are in worst shape in most recent time. Well a guess we were fooled twice but never again. I agreed Tom from now on a will vote for the best person to get the job done no matter the color.

    • It took more than ‘a select few’ to win this race. You supported him? Then why are you criticizing him one week into this re-election. I think you are trying to fool us about the race thing.

  7. Tgn222 on said:

    Even if the President picked all blacks for his cabinet,we’d still find something to complain about him.The President just cannot win with us.

    • Stacey on said:

      Why is it considered complaining? It’s hard for me to say that blacks are complaining too much about anything when we don’t have really any media outlets that allow us to speak. Where are you getting tired of hearing black folk complain too much about the President? What TV or radio show has US on it so much that we get on your nerves with our complaints?

      • You are obviously are not reading these posts then. If we are going to treat the man the same way those who hate him are, we don’t need any more media outlets for it. For all those who hate and disagree with this President, did you love and agree with the past Presidents?

  8. msveenie on said:

    Tom you are right on target as usual. The cabinet color is a NON-ISSUE. I do care about silence from black folks when people are getting killed all over the country We need solutions, not talk It’s happening in LA, NY, Chicago and CLE. Since some of these posters have such visceral reactions to the administration makeup, what solutions do they have to stop all this killing. This is a REAL issue we can do something about in our own communities. Stop complaining about who he picked when he may have chosen the best people for the job. Sheroes and heroes aren’t necessarily were we expect them.

  9. Mondelet on said:

    Its amazing how many ppl want to blame our President for all these problems. But no one will stand up n tell d majority republican to stand up for them. Your pockets will forever b hurting if u r not of the upper class tax dey r only caring about dere personal bottom line not d state. But if u never struggled in life u will never understand what my President your President regardless of how u feel is trying to do. N if he treated d United States like Bush did n lie n do wat d hell he wanted we would b better off.

  10. Temberly on said:

    I don’t get it. You want to have your opinion respected but you speak ill of Mr Joyner And his opinion. You call him names- that’s very adult. House negro…really? No, seriously? I thought the question he asked was about YOUR opinion on the lack of diversity on the selectees for the President’s cabinet positions. Mr Joyner noted why he didn’t care. If you care- explain why you do. If you don’t- hell explain that too. Let’s stop with all the distracting and detracting from the real question. Then we can learn from one another and engage in an intelligent conversation. The facts remain that the POTUS hasn’t yet finished appointing all to his cabinet. When he does, then I will be able to make an all around opinion statement.

  11. white mles did not elect this president to office. it should be an of gratitude for this president to seek oput educated qual;ifeid black men and women to fill his cabginet posts. are there none in america? after all, this president received 39% of the white vote, and i doubt if some of the white males he has appointed to his cabinet even voted for him, like the republican he appointed as secretary of defense

      • Now really Slyvester, have all the people who have hired you really wanted you? Have you worked with people you did not like before but they did there job, even if it was just for the paycheck, clout, etc. Give this man the same chance you would have given McCain for eight years.

  12. Tom is no diffrerent that any other black domocrakkk (Ku Kluk Klan) He is unable to be objective when it comes to his man child president Obama. His weath DO NOT reflect his intelligence like Mike Tyson don’t reflect his intelligence. Black democrackkks will always be at the borrom of the totem pole until the end of time.

    • You are an idiot. To compare dems to the KKK is ridiculous. Whom have they lynched? They SHOULD be but verbal lynching doesn’t count. If anything, they are too co-opted and corrupt to raise their voices in protest on behalf of the masses of blacks, but then again, they are bought and sold and are on the same team as the repubs. They are nothing but gatekeepers who take a few crumbs of fake power and keep the masses of black people distracted and lulled asleep while the white power structure continues to go about it’s business.

    • Are you saying white males (39%?) didn’t elect him, because you didn’t. Are perhaps you counted the votes. Are you calling Democrats KKK because you feel that party belongs exclusively to you and other republicans – well you can have it. Now regarding the intelligence thing, your wealth obviously reflects yours, as well as your self-hatred or racisim or both. Whether white males (“39%”) voted for him our not Our President got plelnty of non-black votes because there aren’t enough of us in this world to elect a President without it.

  13. Badwisky on said:

    True enough he is not finished appointing his cabinet but What it tells me is that he thinks there are no blacks qualified to be in the key positions in his cabinet. True Dr Rice was headed to State but after she dropped out “no mo’ blacks”. In short it would be a great “symbol of appreciation for our overwhelming support.

  14. Jermaine Bradford on said:

    Tom Joyner is like most of these kiss ass negros who kiss Obama ass and take up for him against people who speak out against him. Negros like Uncle Tom are the reason why Black people will continue to be in the state they are in. Negros like Uncle Tom and Obama think there should be a few Negros in positions of power while the other small negros look up to them for knowledge and guidance as if they were lost sheep.

    • kdawgg on said:

      Its amazing on some of the rants as if they were lost in la la land, despite every resistance and name calling by every right wing nut cake who still can’t accept the fact that a black person is President all the Obama and Tom Joyner haters need to do is look at the President record of accomplishment but then again that would be too easy for those negros who are like crabs in a barrel as soon as one reach the tops, the others try to pull the other back down in the barrel,In other words they find fault without any soultion, yes misry like company and remind of words from Dr. MLK “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than Snicere ignorance and Conscietious Stupidy”, enough said!

      • hoodtechie on said:

        Just goes to show you when a black person has a different opinion other than the standard democrat response they are called out as oreo,crab or uncle tom.not every black agrees with what obama is doing in the white house. You need to respect other people’s opinions even if you don’t agree with it, you are entitled to yours. under obama’s presidency black unemployment has increased, more people on food stamps, more losing their homes, net worth for what’s left of the black family a dismal average of $5,000.but do you hear rev al,tom joyner,rev jesse Jackson,the cbc,naacp say anything about any of these issues, not a word. but if someone else were occupying the white house there would be marches and holy hell let loose and displayed on televion.instead the only thing we get are excuses and blame the republicans. We were played in 2008 & 2012 and for that we will suffer for generations because of inaction and dereliction of duty by this administration that cares nothing about our needs just our votes, we will always be looked upon as 2nd class citizens.

      • Hmm…what ‘accomplishments’ should we start with 1st? NDAA? The Kill List? His authorization for invading how many sovereign nations? How many African countries are now over run with UN/US sponsored armed forces while the CIA arms both sides of these internal manufactured wars to keep the chaos at a fevered pitch so they can have unfettered access to african natural resources? What did Obama promise about Gitmo? Black people need to get beyond this emotional cult of personality that some of us have going on. If Bush or any other white prez was doing what Obama was doing, we’d at the very least be talking mad stuff…but b/c it’s a white man in black face, we make excuses, we defend, we turn a blind eye…when Obama starts enforcing the NDAA and most of the folk who end up being detained WITHOUT charge are black, then we’ll see how much y’all love Obama…

  15. B. Finn on said:

    off topic, does anyone know the song that was playing in the background this morning when Tom replayed the President’s speech about gun violence?

  16. Black Santa on said:

    Apparently, 1 Sighting of your sperm donor leaves man in obvious emotionless state…..You people spend a lot of time trying to connect dots that didn’t exist……When you go on national TV to whine about an absent dad the disconnect is rather oxymoronic!

  17. hoodtechie on said:

    Oh I see how this works, all before mr. tom joyner was all but to concerned about how many black faces were in the white house when bush was in office but now with obozo in the white house it doesn’t matter.tom you are a typical boot licking pundit for the democrats. In your eyes obama or any democrat can do or say no wrong. I think it’s time you take your opinions and retire and move back to Alabama where you can be more useful as a house negro on some plantation down there, seems to me you would be happier. Maybe move to Arkansas and help with the upkeep on the clintons property. You have no real clue as to what’s going on with black people if you really believe half of what you spout out on the radio as commentary. You have surrendered any credibility of having an objective opinion because of your obvious bias toward the democrats.

  18. Black Santa on said:

    Quack quack. If it walks like a duck acts like a duck. Surrounds himself around ducks. Quack hypocritical Uncle Tom. If you been. Sitting around observing color coordination your a Smucks .. I’ve observed him become more intimate too his blackside….. Not bad for a nappy headed white boy with 1 daddy sighting!

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