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Once again the President is getting flack, this time for not appointing enough people of color to his cabinet. Never mind that he’s not finished yet.

I don’t care what color the President’s cabinet is. We’ve got bigger problems to worry about. I just want him to appoint people who can help get this country out of the hole we’re in.

Some of the members of the Text Tom Club agree with me, but not all. Here’s one with some strong opposing feelings:

“How pathetic and hypocritical.  If the Prez was a white, male, Republican, Tom and Blacks would be outraged about the lack of diversity in the cabinet.”

To that I say, he isn’t a white Republican.  He’s a black Democrat who is  going to be harshly criticized whichever way he decides to go.  I want him to choose a cabinet that will help him work his plan—putting a dent in this $16 trillion debt.  They can be male, female, black, white, brown, or yellow.

What do you think?