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If you aren’t a fan of the hit ABC show “Scandal”, then you should be. The all-star cast is led by Kerry Washington, who plays Washington fixer Olivia Pope. The talented actress is a favorite on the show, but many “Scandal” fans have also grown to love Pope’s quirky killer-for-hire colleague Huck, played brilliantly by openly gay New York City raised actor Guillermo Diaz who hasn’t let his sexual preference get in the way of playing diverse roles. The 37-year old Cuban-American has been everything from a gangster to a drug dealer to a flamboyant gay nurse.You may not recall Diaz’ entire body of work, but the actor has been around for awhile. He’s probably best known for his role in the 1998 comedy “Half Baked” and has appeared in several TV shows including “Chappelle’s Show,” “Law & Order,” “Weeds” and “ER”.

“Scandal” keeps its audience guessing each episode. When we left “Scandal” in December, the President had been shot and Huck has been taken in for the assassination attempt. In previews of the upcoming episode this Thursday at 10 p.m., Huck is getting the full waterboarding treatment courtesy of the U. S. government.  Here’s more of what to look for when “Scandal” returns. (WARNING: graphic scene is not suitable for all viewers)

For serious Guillermo Diaz fans, keep up with the actor via Twitter.

The Stars Behind ‘Scandal’
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