Well, if Rihanna and Chris Brown can do it, why not Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson?

Evelyn says she believes in second chances and apparently that’s the situation with them because  Sunday night they were out and about hand in hand.

The scene was a Miami restaurant where Johnson held one of his semi-regular dinners and offered a free meal to the first 100 Twitter followers who showed up.

Those who took him up on the offer were treated with a surprise. There, along with Johnson, was Lozada holding hands. They even took pics with some lucky fans.


Now, for those who may be a bit shocked to hear the news of these two being together, Gossip We Love says Evelyn has already allowed him back into their Miami mansion and dropped $8,000 on a Christmas gift on him to boot.

If you recall, Johnson and Lozada had a highly-publicized wedding on July 4 this year, but Lozada filed for divorce a month later following the alleged head-butting incident.

Reluctantly Johnson signed divorce papers and vowed to get back Lozada’s good graces. And apparently he did.



What do you think of the reconciliation?

(Photos: EURweb)

8 thoughts on “SPOTTED: Evelyn and Chad Johnson First Public Appearance Together (Photos)

  1. daisey rigo on said:

    just before I looked at the receipt which was of $4300, I didnt believe …that…my best friend was like they say actualey erning money part time on there computar.. there aunt haz done this less than nine months and resently paid the debts on their mini mansion and bourt Lotus Elise. we looked here,-=-=-=- BIT40.ℂOℳ -=-=-=-

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  3. awesomedyme on said:

    I love it. They clearly love each other. And they compliment each other. I had a feeling they would reconcile anyway. So lovely!

  4. Bossplayer on said:

    Who cares??? Let them do what regular folks do all the time, break up to make up. Cover something else, something really important like……………..

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