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Are you annoyed by the arrests, constant bed hopping or random offensive tweets of your “once” favorite celebrities? You are not alone.

A new survey finds that several Americans have had enough of their favorite celebrities’ shenanigans and are ready to write them off before the New Year.

The online survey conducted by Harris Interactive polled about 2,309 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.  Survey results showed that participants were prepared to no longer welcome some families into 2013. Seventy-percent of adults said they were ready to write off the Kardashians while the feuding and often law-breaking Lohans followed behind at 68 percent. Sixty-percent of adults said they are ready to bid adieu to child-pageant star Honey Boo Boo and her proudly redneck family.

“Americans are inundated with news about famous people,” said Chris Farley, director of marketing at Zebra Pen Corporation, which helped spearhead the survey. “We thought it would be fun to conduct a light-hearted survey to find out which celebs have been a bit overexposed in 2012. Now that we know the perceptions of the country, we’ll see how the New Year shapes up for these link-grabbing celebrities.”

When it comes to individual celebrities, Justin Beiber took fourth place with 47 percent of respondents adding him their “write-off” list. Donald Trump and Chris Brown tied with 44 percent of participants ready to dismiss them in the New Year. Thirty-five percent of adults are also tired of the cast of Two and a Half Men.

However, there are stars that some of the respondents are not quite ready to let go of. Many adults still have Twilight fever with only 24 percent ready to write off Kristen Stewart. Twenty-two percent of participants added Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Guidice’s name to the list and 20-percent said they are ready to write off General David Petraeus in 2013.

The survey results also revealed several characteristics surrounding the respondents’ “write-off” choices.

-Adult males between the ages of 34-55 were more likely to explain why they were ready to write off Chris Brown in 2013 in comparison to women of the same age group.

-Respondents who have a college degree or higher would not be opposed to seeing Donald Trump disappear in the New Year rather than those without a college education.

-Only 35-percent of adults between the ages of 18-44 said they are ready to write off the cast of Two and a Half Men. On the other hand, adults ages 55 and older were more likely to let go of the cast.

-Students were most likely to write off Kristen Stewart in 2013 with 34-percent adding her name to the list as opposed to non-students.

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