Linda Orange of Houston, Texas is today’s ‘Thursday Morning Mom‘ winner.

Dear Tom,

My mother is the oldest of five wonderful women. She raised six kids: three boys, one girl and two adopted girls.

Over the years, she has helped raise and care for all of her nieces and nephews plus 11 grandchildren and five great-grand kids.

A few years ago, she retired from the Shell Corporation after 26 years but this summer, she got bored and went back to work as a consultant.

My mom has always gotten Christmas for everyone and never expected anything in return. But this year, I feel that she should be the one receiving.

She was talking about taking a trip to Vegas but she’s too busy being a mom. Please help!

Send her to Vegas!


Joseph, son of Linda Orange

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One thought on “Linda Orange is Today's 'Thursday Morning Mom' Winner

  1. Cedric L. Williams on said:

    I pray that this email finds you and the Morning Crew well and blessed. Allow me to get straight to the point ok, I listen to your show every morning on my way to work(I work with Special need students) and I hear how you bless mothers’ as well as fathers. My mother after 38yrs of service in the ICU Dept. at a local hospital in Alexandria, LA is about to retire. My mother raised my two sisters and I(which I’m 6’6″ 360lbs.)all by herself while working sometimes 16hr shifts four to five days straight just to provide for us and now even her grand kids and great grand child. She doesn’t know but my sisters and I are planning a surprise retirement celebration for her on 10-26-2013 to give her flowers while she can yet see and smell them. It would do my heart well as her only son for you in anyway you chose to bless her with something special. (Tears) My mother even now don’t have a lot of money but she has a lot of Faith which she instilled into all of us. Recently, after finally paying off her car note she had to use her now paid off car as a down payment to fix on her run down, need fixing real bad home that she raised and took good care of all of us in. If I had a wish it would be that my mother take a vacation to a real nice resort, where there’s a spa and massaging that takes place. Mr. Tom Joyner again I’ve heard you be a blessing to others and I often wondered how could I have you bless my mother cause my father wasn’t there for us and my mother like others deserve to enjoy her fruit from her labor…can you help me and my sisters bless our mother after serving 38yrs in the ICU Dept. God Bless you and thank you for whatever the Lord lays on your heart.
    A son who just want to see momma Happy

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