Chris Paul knows exactly why Dr. Conrad Murray wants out of jail as soon as possible.


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute. 

 Disgraced former doctor Conrad Murray says he wants the judge to let him out of prison right now while he appeals his murder conviction.  And if he judge is going to grant his wish he better hurry up because next week is Christmas and Conrad just found out where his cellmate is planning on hanging the mistletoe.  (Boing)

 In China, Lays Potato Chips has started selling Pepsi and chicken flavored potato chips.  Hey, I didn’t know there were black people in China.

 Veteran ABC Newsman Sam Donaldson was arrested for DUI.  Here’s a question you thought you’d never hear:  What do Sam Donaldson and Bobby Brown have in common?

 And congratulations to President Barack Obama on being named Time Magazine’s person of the year.  Well deserved, Mr. President, congratulations to Arnold Schwarzenegger on being man of the year for Good Housekeeping magazine, and Fred Willard for In Touch magazine, and the voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash, for 17 Magazine.

 I’m Chris Paul, and this was The Morning Minute.

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