Two thieves got a lesson in reaping and sowing while trying to steal from a Houston Church.

The thieves broke into the Westway Baptist Church building attempting to steal copper from the church’s main electric cable. As they tried to take the wire they set off an explosion leaving the church without power.

“Our security alarms went off at 2a.m. on Wednesday and that’s when our church member Homer Pate notified the Harris County Sheriff’s department of the robbery,” said head deacon Michael Kirtley.

The thieves’ actions were all caught on surveillance cameras which showed them pulling up to the church in a truck. It also shows one of the thieves cutting electric wires near the street in a possible attempt to cut the main power line.

In the video, the other thief is shown at the church’s breaker box with bolt cutters trying to cut more wires. The contact between the bolt cutters and the copper wire set off the explosion.

“The man just blew up into a fire ball,” Kirtley told reporters. “I surely don’t know if he was electrocuted or even alive.”

Even though the thieves appear to have learned their lesson, the church is working with local authorities to locate and prosecute the thieves.

The church cancelled all of their Wednesday services and activities since they were without power. They’ve rented a generator to prepare for Sunday services.

“We can start the generator for eight hours only to minimize expenses,” Kirtley said. “Our [insurance] deductible is $5,000. This robbery is going to cost the church a lot.”

Last year, Westway Baptist Church was victim to two other robberies when two of the air conditioners were stolen.

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8 thoughts on “Church Explodes on Thieves During Break-in

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  3. I m sure the thieves saw the ‘light’…..however if its so expensive to run the generator why don t they just make this the perfect time to get out in the community and spred the word?…..or find some elderly people in the community and help clean up their homes for christmas..see what families are in need so instead of giving gifts to each other give to the needy not the greedy!!!!!! O I forgot that would mean they would not be taking up a collection or the people may forget to pay their tithes…..basically Im sure they could do more OUTSIDE the church anyway

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  5. Hallelujah! Churches are fighting back now by installing cameras on their property. This is great! If you cannot afford this type of security or something similar to it, then you should not be owning property these days. As well, if the property (apartment, home,etc) you are currently renting does not have a camera, ask your landlord about this. If nothing is done, you probably should try to make plans to move as soon as you can. Satan is just too busy. And thankfully SOME of these thugs are being caught in the act!

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