As citizens in Washington light up joints celebrating the first day of legalized marijuana, Snoop Lion reveals just how many blunts he smokes per day.

While chatting with fans on Reddit, the rapper formerly known as Snoop Dogg discussed not only the number of blunts he smokes but also some of his favorite smoking buddies like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

Read the transcript below:

StrongBad: What’s the longest you’ve gone without smoking?

Snoop: 164 Days

Shagadelik: Do you roll your own blunts or are they rolled for you?

Snoop: both

Avenex: What was is like working with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Starsky & Hutch?

Snoop: Those cats can smoke uhearme

Shalom86: Who’s better at smoking weed, Dave Chappelle or Dr. Dre?

Snoop: Dave Chappelle

Matzzz: Are you always high before concerts/recordings?

Snoop: yessir

March1989: I’ve heard that you’ve said Willie Nelson is the only person who has outsmoked you. Is this true?

Snoop: Willie is 1 of tha greatest to do it!! Smokn n music

Spookyjack123: Do you believe in the taxation of Mary Jane with legalization, or would you prefer to see it have little to no taxes?

Snoop: Legalize it n if that means tax it then do it

On average, how much do you smoke in a week?

Snoop: 81 blunts a day x 7

(Photo: AP)

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