“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore must be really upset about moving to Atlanta for her boyfriend Walter Jackson because it looks like the couple have gone their separate ways.

Photos hit the web this week of Moore’s man Walter and someone who is definitely not her getting kissed for the camera.


Now, it’s being reported that the woman is singer/songwriter Christon Ingram out of Atlanta. No word on how old she is but she does look a bit younger than Walter and the 41-year-old Moore.

In a recent interview, Moore told Wendy Williams you have to watch the show to find out what happens between her and Walter.

Well it looks like Walter beat Bravo to the punch and Kenya’s search for wedding bells is indeed back on.

So tell us who’s hotter? Kenya Moore or Walter’s alleged new woman Christon Ingram?

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20 thoughts on “(PHOTO) Kenya Moore Dumped by ‘Walter’?

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  2. Kenya you are so beautiful!! You. Deserve so much, better than Walter. Check out who Nene is trying to match you with. You never know,.could be you shining armior.

  3. I think Kenya has nature beauty and put together. She has a look that most women black or white done have without adding extra beauty touches. Regardless of what we may think about her. She has that look that most women will die for. Far as Walter, he could have never be able to hold down a women like Kenya. So it was best that he move on. He knew what he was working with.

  4. I don’t think Kenya faked the relationship. I think she hoped for it to be more than it really ever was. Kenya is a hard one to figure out, but I think she is one of the more interesting people of any of the franchise’s housewives. Sometimes, I admit she seems obnoxious, unkind & pushy. Other times, I she seems legitimately kind of sad and vulnerable. As for looks, I think she’s gorgeous!

  5. Kenya was beyond DESPERATE (I want to get married, and get me pregnant who runs around beggina man to marry you. She seems bipolar. She is not ready to a mother or a wife. Thank God Walter, who seems like a nice man, got away from her. Run Walter, run and never look back. You dodged a bullet.

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  9. Johnetta Broadhurst on said:


  10. Really, that girl looks like she could be Walter’s daughter to me. But if she isn’t, Kenya was being a little to pushy and eager about marriage and kids and may have driven him away (or further away). 🙂

  11. TinaMichelle on said:

    i think Kenya is still beautiful, it’s not fair to compare the two, being different ages. That’s like comparing Apollo’s looks to Walter’s, knowing Apollo is younger,to most more handsome. Kenya needs to work on her attitude. Age wise, she has many women beat body and facial!

  12. I do not know Kenya but I hear she has a bad attitude that do not get you know where,another women will win every time so change your personality alone with your attitude, life too short to put up with attitude.

  13. Nicole on said:

    Honestly Christon has it… kenya is just rude and distasteful. She has no class(even though she thinks she does) and she is crazy. She rushed walter and he ran away. Kenya has a bodyguard for reason still unknown. She is not a public figure. Nobody cares that you won miss usa. She hasn’t made herself relevant in today’s world and being on RHOA doesn’t make you relevant (unless you’re NeNe Leaks and you are in roles on the hottest sitcoms in america)

  14. Serpentine on said:

    Yeah she’s old news. Almost 20 years ago when she won? As the other housewives said, why have a bodyguard, when no one even knows who she is? She’d desperate and ran that man away. If he was feeling her, Kenya and her family shot that down by badgering him about marriage and having babies. You can take her out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of her.

  15. Shannan Smith on said:

    Kenya is a nutcase. She’s pretty….pretty make-up on. She has a bad attitude and deranged personality. Her beauty will fade and she’ll be left with that stank attitude.

  16. Christon looks younger and is fine, but I STILL think Kenya has her beat. Just my opinion. He went from an Aston Martin to a Lang Rover I would say. LOL

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