Bobbi Kristina’s now supposed ex-boyfriend, was arrested for driving reckless last night just hours after Bobbi Kristina totaled a Chevy Camaro in a frightening wreck of her own.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Nick was taken into custody in Alpharetta, Georgia last night after cops say he was going 82 in a 35 on Northpoint Parkway, a retail area with high pedestrian foot traffic.

One law enforcement source tells us, “We are fortunate because that’s such a busy corridor with high end retail shopping restaurants and pedestrians at crosswalks.”

The source adds, “At that speed, it’s absolutely reckless.”

Bobbi Kristina wrecked a Camaro in Alpharetta yesterday after losing control and careening down an embankment-striking several trees along the way. Miraculously, she emerged from the accident unscathed but cops issued her a citation for failing to stay in her lane.

So far there’s been no response from Gordon regarding the incident.

2 thoughts on “Nick Gordon Arrested for Reckless Driving

  1. I feel as if they are both doing crazy things because of their supposedly break up. They both should get cars and appreciate them not abuse them and putting other people’s lives in danger by their careless act. Bobby K could have killed herself by driving off the embankment or maybe that is what she was trying to do all over her ex-fiancé. They both may just need to sit down and go to counseling to maybe get their lives together because they are headed down the wrong and deadly path with this wreck less driving. Once they get their license taken away they will learn.

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