This week's hottest gossip can be summed up in three expressions: "Dirty Dogs", "Obama Haters", and "Money Makes the World Go Round."  

In the "Dirty Dog" files, former CIA Director General David Petraeus threw his entire career away for his mistress and the author of his biography Paula Broadwell. Petraeus was a four star general, married for 38 years, but this week everything has imploded. Read more on his sex scandal here


On the bright side of things, Petraeus has inspired Huggy Lowdown to become a general too. Find out the perks of being a general here


This week has been over-flowing with President Obama hate. Stories that leave you scratching your head, ones that make your stomach turn, and others that might have you muttering "good riddance" under your breathe while reading. For example, petitions have been filed in all 50 states pleading for secession from the country. Read the full story here


Kevin Clash, otherwise best known as the voice of kid favorite "Elmo" was accused this week of having sex with an underage male a couple of years ago. Quickly, Clash denied the rumors, but not before the whole world was up in arms over their favorite puppeteers's dirty secret. By the end of the week the accuser was revealed along with a batch of his own secrets. Find out the conclusion of the story here


Swizz Beatz allegedly owes backed taxes to the state of New York. Beatz of course, denies the claim but until the lien is lifted add the super producer to the massive list of celebs who owe the IRS. Read the full story here.


After 12 years of marriage, Oprah Winfrey's dad is divorcing his wife who is currently refusing to leave their Tenn. home. Well leave it to Oprah to step in and save the day because reportedly she's paying for the entire divorce. Read the full story here.

These stories are only the tip of the iceberg. Check out our "Gossip Gallery" to see more stories about pregnancy, an alleged husband thief, and a couple of domestic violence disputes here.


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