A Chinese man found his wife’s beauty to be deceiving.

Jian Feng divorced and sued his wife earlier this year for being ugly.

Feng realized the error behind his wife’s true beauty after they had their first child. He described their daughter as “incredibly ugly” and found that she did not look like either of them.  

His wife later revealed that she spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery to alter her looks before she met him. Prior to his complaints, she never told Feng about her surgery.

He later sued his wife for deceiving him about her surgically altered face. A judge agreed and awarded Feng $120,000. 

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6 thoughts on “Man Sues Wife for Being Ugly

  1. blackmagic on said:

    Don’t give 00 TJMS any ugly ideas….. She was broke when you met stupid you stuck with that 0 for life….. Your rich snitch buy a pretty successful bitch!

  2. YadaYada on said:

    How did they come up with the amount of $120.000, is that how much ugly cost. In that case she should get at least that amount and more, ugly cant be worth more than stupid.

  3. (I am in heaven! )Finally; “someone” has had JUSTICE serverd. Way to go, big guy. Homage be onto you. May you go spend your money wisely and find yourself a good looking #itch instead ( ).
    Screw you ugly a** ho’s! Ma’ babies’ mammas’ ain’t worth doo-doo and I know now that I can just sue. Thank you BAW for making my day between this story and the Clevland bus driver I can say that my winter is off to a terrific start. Watch your mouth (Niag. Falls)!

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